People Are Really Confused After Juvaria Abbasi Revealed That Her Ex-Husband Shamoon Abbasi Is Also Her Step Brother

By Noor | 7 May, 2021

The family dynamics between Juvaria Abbasi and her ex-husband/ step brother Shamoon Abbasi have confused people

Juvaria Abbasi is known for her stellar performances in Pakistani drama serials over the last couple of decades. She has always been praised for her acting skills and has amassed many fans. The actress was recently on Nida Yasir’s show and her revelations regarding her personal life have left the audience in shock and confusion.


So, basically, Juvaria Abbasi stated that her ex-husband Shamoon Abbasi is also her step brother

Confusing, right? Well, Juvaria explained that her mother got married to Shamoon’s father. This is how they are siblings too. She further clarified that as both of them were children from different parents so nikkah was possible. In Juvaria’s words, ” log kaafi iss kahani se confuse ho jatay hain.”

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Nida Yasir, the host of the show, also told the audience that Juvaria’s story was featured in a drama serial called Hum Tum where Aamina Sheikh played Juvaria’s role and Mohib Mirza was cast for the role of Shamoon Abbasi.


Naturally, the audience could not understand the complex rishtaydaari between Juvaria Abbasi and Shamoon Abbasi, her ex-husband / step brother


Juvaria Abbasi Shamoon Abbasi brother 5
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Juvaria Abbasi Shamoon Abbasi brother 4
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They even joked and called it the desi version of Game of  Thrones

Anyone familiar with the iconic American TV show knows how that show was famous for featuring unconventional relationships, one of the lead pairs being the Lannisters who were brother and sister and also lovers, on the show. So many people felt that this family situation sounds similar.

Juvaria Abbasi Shamoon Abbasi brother 3
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People also questioned the religious and legal aspect of the situation of Juvaria Abbasi marrying Shamoon Abbasi when he was her step brother

Juvaria Abbasi Shamoon Abbasi brother 1
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Juvaria Abbasi Shamoon Abbasi brother 2
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Amidst the confusion, a few helped others to understand the relationship

They wanted the audience to calm down and analyze the situation properly. They explained that Juvaria and Shamoon were children from two different couples and later their parents got married which made them step siblings. People mentioned how Juvaria had clarified it years earlier too but people on the internet just love to blow things out of proportion.


In case, you’re interested in hearing Juvaria’s story in her own words you can check it out here

Are you still confused? What are your thoughts regarding this interesting family dynamic? Let us know in the comments below.


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