These Pakistani Celebrities Are Showing Up And Speaking For Palestine

By Noor | 18 May, 2021

These Pakistani celebrities spoke up for Palestine

The Israeli occupation and ongoing oppression of Palestine issue has been catapulted into headlines and onto TV screens all across the globe because of the recent attack by the Israeli forces on the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Sheikh Jarrah issue. The conflict over the Shiekh Jarrah area has led to massive Israeli oppression on the Palestinian families living in that area. The situation has exacerbated to an extent where the Gaza strip is constantly being bombed including the offices of international press outlets.

The Israeli war crimes in Gaza are being called out by the people all across the world

People in every country are speaking about the state-led armed Israeli oppression against the Palestinians who do not even own an army.


Of course, many Pakistanis have also condemned the human rights violations in Palestine and have shown their support for people in Gaza

Waseem Badami and many others shared heartbreaking stories from the Palestinian region to express their support for Gaza.


People talked about the hypocrisy of the Israeli state which destroyed the media offices to restrict freedom of speech


Jibran Nasir, a Pakistani politician, condemned the Israel violence and labeled Israel and its supporting states as apartheid states

He has discussed the way Israel is trying to curtail the basic human rights in Gaza and has talked about the war crimes being committed by the Israelis.

Celebrities have always shared their thoughts regarding the Palestinian issue and have urged the masses to speak for Gaza.


Many Pakistani celebrities are also raising their voices for Palestine. For example, Osman Khalid Butt, who recently starred in the popular Ramazan show Chupke Chupke, termed the Israeli violence as state-sponsored terrorism

He has been quite active on social media and has shared stories of many Palestinians who’re recounting the horrible crime tales of the Israeli armed forces. He has talked about the fact that Palestinian kids are not the children of lesser God thus they deserve all the basic human rights.


Other Pakistani celebrities speaking up for Palestine include Momina Mustehsan who highlighted the inhumane treatment by Israeli forces

She said that the action was nothing less than terrorism and an excellent example of state-led brutality.


Mehwish Hayat also said that her prayers and thoughts were with the Palestinians and the middle eastern region


Asim Azhar talked about the way he was disgusted by the attack on the defenseless worshippers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque

He was shocked to see the silence of the International media over the Israeli oppression in Palestine.


One of the most vocal Pakistani celebrities regarding the Palestine issue, Hania Aamir, has been using her platform to condemn the Israeli state brutality in the Palestinian region

She called it out as barbaric terrorism and said that no one in their right mind would support the Israeli occupation and bombing of Gaza.


Faysal Quraishi was also among Pakistani celebrities speaking up for Palestine and he wished peace for the Palestinian fellows


Adnan Siddiqui has said that the Palestinian region is bleeding while the UN continues to do nothing about it

He urged everyone to speak for Palestine to support humanity and peace.


Zaid Ali also prayed for the Palestinians and said that one does not need to be a Muslim to speak about the issue, they just have to be a human


Other Pakistani celebrities to show up at protests happening all around Pakistan include the viral pawri girl Dananeer Mobeen, Hania Amir, Fawad Khan, Osman Khalid Butt, Ali Rehman Khan and Armeena Khan

With protests happening all over the country, and the world, regarding the Israeli state oppression, many Pakistani celebrities have also been making their presence felt by showing up against the genocide.


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With things taking a turn for the worse in Gaza and with the increased intensity of bombing in the Palestinian region there’s a dire need to speak about the issue and to support the Palestinian fellows.  The world leaders needs to realize that the region suffers in the worst way possible and speaking against the Israeli brutality might convince the international bodies to finally wake up and speak up against the violence led by Israelis.


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