TikTok Star Nadeem Mubarak Has Spoken Up In Support Of Ali Khan Hyderabadi

By Noor | 18 Oct, 2020

Nadeem Mubarak is another famous name from the world of TikTok. The TikToker is known for distributing iPhones as giveaways and for sponsoring Dubai trips. His friendly bond with Ali Khan Hyderabadi is also well-known. Both the TikTokers have spent some quality time in Dubai and now, when Ali is being bashed for his inappropriate behavior during an Instagram live session, Nadeem Mubarik has come out in support of Ali Khan Hyderabadi.

To recap, Ali Khan Hyderabadi made fun of a girl’s complexion during an Instagram live session

This behavior did not sit well with many, with Alishbah Anjum, another famous TikToker, also calling out Ali Khan Hyderabadi for his inappropriate behavior

This led to a virtual feud where both the TikTokers tried explaining their points and it ended with Ali accusing Alishbah of being jealous of his fame.

Source: @alishbahannjum/Instagram

While Ali was being bashed by almost everyone on social media, Nadeem Mubarak supported his friend by posting a chain of messages on his Instagram story

The statement started off with Nadeem Mubarak saying that Ali was just trying to be friendly with the girl and wanted to be funny. He said that Ali lives away from home and he tries to make everyone smile and while doing this, if he commits a mistake, it’s okay to apologize.

In the words of Nadeem Mubarak, “Agar kabhi zindagi main insan ki zuban phisal jaye tau woh hamesha sorry karta hai.”

Source: @nadeemmubarakofficial/Instagram

Nadeem Mubarak further stated that the girl from the live session is extremely distressed as her video is all over the internet and she is facing immense pressure from her family

Source: @nadeemmubarakofficial/Instagram

He said, “Ab baat uss larki ki izzat ki hai.” He requested everyone to delete the images and videos of that girl. He added that haters can continue to drag Ali but they should stop using the girl’s images for publicity and views.

Source: @nadeemmubarakofficial/Instagram

He concluded his statement with a warning that whoever is using the images or videos of the girl will receive a strike

He said that the action will be taken in 48 hours so everyone should remove the mentioned material from their videos on YouTube or anywhere else.

Source: @nadeemmubarakofficial/Instagram

What’s your take on the issue? Do you agree with his stance? Let us know in the comments below.


TikTok Star Ali Khan Hyderabadi Is Getting Bashed For Allegedly Making Fun Of A Dark Skinned Girl

Source: @nadeemmubarakofficial/Instagram/@ali_khan110_ali110/Instagram

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