Ali Khan Hyderabadi Lashed Out At Waqar Zaka And Things Got Super Personal

By Noor | 18 Oct, 2020

Ali Khan Hyderabadi has found himself in hot water over his comments regarding a girl’s complexion during his Instagram Live sessions. The comments by the TikToker naturally infuriated people who then dragged him on all the social media platforms. Ali has already posted a video of the girl saying that she did not find the comments offensive and there was another side of the picture too. He has also posted an apology video. However, people are not ready to move on and TikToker’s remarks are being discussed everywhere.

YouTubers and bloggers, including Waqar Zaka, Ducky Bhai, and many others have called out Ali Khan Hyderabadi and have stated that these remarks were indeed inappropriate and hurtful

He stated that Ali is not able to handle the newly acquired fame. In Waqar’s words, “Insan ghareeb ho, badtameez na ho.”

Source: Waqar Zaka/YouTube

Consequently, Ali Khan Hyderabadi lashed out at Waqar Zaka by posting a series of stories on Instagram

Ali basically said that people have been taking advantage of his silence and now it’s time to speak against all of them. He blamed Waqar for using the incident to further his ‘TRPs’.

Ali said, “Ab tujhay batata hun Sindh ka bacha hota kaisa hai.”

Source: @ali_khan110_ali110/Instagram

Ali stated that YouTubers like Waqar Zaka and Ducky Bhai are using images and videos of the girl to get more views and likes on their videos

Source: @ali_khan110_ali110/Instagram

The TikToker also posted some personal pictures and a video of Waqar Zaka on his story.

The TikTok vs YouTube fight has long escalated into becoming something far more sinister. With this constant back and forth, it makes one wonder if apologies will suffice in the face of this new phadda. 

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TikTok Star Ali Khan Hyderabadi Is Getting Bashed For Allegedly Making Fun Of A Dark Skinned Girl


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