TikTok Star Kanwal Aftab Shared Her Thoughts On Fellow TikTokers Including Areeka Haq & Jannat Mirza And She Did NOT Hold Back 🔥

By Noor | 10 Mar, 2021

Kanwal Aftab shared her thoughts on Areeka Haq, Jannat Mirza and other TikTokers

Kanwal Aftab is one of the most followed creators  on TikTok. The TikToker has acquired a massive following for not just her TikToks but also because she’s been part of several TV shows and songs. Naturally, people want to know more about her so, the TikToker recently volunteered for a Q/A session and made some interesting revelations about her fellow TikTokers.


While giving her honest opinions on fellow TikTokers, Kanwal talked about many people like Rabeeca Khan and Hafsa

She referred to Rabeeca as her younger sister and mentioned that Warda is her jaan. Kanwal continued with the appreciation for the TikTok ladies by calling Hafsa pretty.

Source: @kanwal.135/Instagram
Source: @kanwal.135/Instagram
Source: @kanwal.135/Instagram


And then Kanwal Aftab went on to share her opinions on Areeka Haq and Jannat Mirza. Kanwal claimed that Jannat has blocked Kanwal Aftab on TikTok and naturally, Jannat responded

Kanwal started off her remark by praising the dressing sense of Jannat and later revealed the fact that she was blocked by Jannat. Well, things took another turn when Jannat replied by saying that it is actually Kanwal and Zulqarnain, a fellow TikToker and friend of Kanwal, who have blocked Jannat.

Source: @jannatmirza_/Instagram


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The confessions by Kanwal Aftab regarding fellow TikTokers weren’t just for Areeka Haq and Jannat Mirza. She revealed that she really had a good time with Sehar Hayat

She also said that Sehar can not really distinguish between her fake and real friends.

Sehar responded to the story by saying that what matters is her own input in a friendship and she believes that she is trying to give her best. She ended the reply by telling Kanwal that she misses her.

Source: @iseharhayat/Instagram


Kanwal Aftab commented on Areeka Haq by saying that, in Kanwal’s opinion, Areeka thinks that Kanwal writes the ‘script’ of the interviews she conducts and deliberately tries to insult Areeka using that

Areeka also replied to the remark by Kanwal by asking her to relax.

Source: @areeka__haq/Instagram


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While Kanwal Aftab commented on Areeka Haq, Jannat Mirza and other fellow top TikTokers, she also shared her feelings for close friend and fellow TikTok star Zulqarnain Sikandar

She said that he means everything to her and she is extremely grateful for having her in her life. To another question asking her about their nikkah, Kanwal said it will happen “inshAllah soon”.

Source: @kanwal.135/Instagram

So, what do you think about Kanwal’s opinions on TikTok stars? Which one of them was the most interesting revelation? Sound off in the comments below.


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Cover image: @areeka__haq via Instagram/@kanwal.135 via Instagram/ @jannatmirza_ via Instagram

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