These Instagram Stars Are Celebrating Their Beauty With Rakanaa & So Can You

By rakanaabeauty | 10 Mar, 2021

Celebrate yourself with these Instagram influencers and rakanaa

With the month of March primarily being dedicated to celebrating the strength, dignity, and pride of women, we absolutely love the idea of how Rakanaa is sharing inspiring stories of beauty bloggers who were empowered by individuals in their life or even by their own self, making them the inspirational women they are today for thousands.

It is only with support and empowerment that women can live a fulfilled and productive life as it is often that women look up to someone to empower them that helps them grow into wonderful individuals, encouraging them to embrace their true selves. It is only then that a woman can enjoy life according to her own choices and decisions which allows her to reach her full potential and live a contented life.

These incredible women; Ayesha Rajah, Salva Ahmed, Kanza Babar Farooqi and Shanza Murtaza share their story behind what they are today and who made them what they are. With their inspiring stories, they are transforming how women define and look at themselves, helping them realize their true potential lying deep within as well as reinvigorating how society views women. 

With these inspiring tales reflecting how far women have come globally, together, we respect the remarkable strength and unity of women. We honor how through their life stories, these astounding women contemplate challenging stereotypes, fighting bias, broadening perceptions of society as well as venerating the global achievements of women throughout world history.

It is our utmost favorite to see strong women being a source of inspiration and empowerment for women around them, extending hands to mushroom success and making magnificent things happen together. This women’s appreciation day, let’s be grateful to these women around us who uplifted us to value our unique selves and taught us strength, determinants and most importantly, acceptance. 

We totally adore how Rakanaa is celebrating its theme of #BeYouTiful March, undeniably believing that you’re beautiful when you decide to be yourself as your power is that nobody is you. We need to realize that we can’t say the word ‘beautiful’ without saying ‘be you’, so this month, let’s pledge to explore our true beauty that lies within, embrace ourselves, and help bring out the ‘real’ them in people around us.

Let’s glow together while celebrating #BeYouTiful March with Rakanaa!


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