Alishbah Anjum And Ali Khan Hyderabadi Are In A Phadda After Alishbah Called Him Out

By Noor | 18 Oct, 2020

Ali Khan Hyderabadi was recently in the news for making fun of a fan’s complexion. As soon as the video went viral, he was brutally criticized for the act and people stated that the insensitive behavior of Ali is the reason that why a person like him is not really worthy of the fame that has been bestowed upon him. Among those who called out the TikTok star was another very famous TikTok celeb, Alishbah Anjum.

Alishbah Anjum, posted a screenshot from Ali’s story on her Instagram account and captioned it, ‘Is this real?’

Alishbah Anjum went on to say that this happens when people like Ali are given overnight fame.

Source: @alishbahannjum/Instagram

After Alishbah Anjum put this story up, Ali confronted the TikTok star and asserted that Alishbah does not know the context of the situation 

He said that he respects Jannat and Alishbah. However, he asserted that Alishbah, without fully knowing the other side of the picture, has put this video of him as her story.

Alishbah replied saying that she cannot support a wrong act. Moreover, she further said that she has watched the video and it has made her regret defending Ali Khan Hyderabadi earlier, on a different platform.

Source: @ali_khan110_ali110/Instagram

Ali accused Alishbah of doing this as a publicity stunt that aimed to acquire more engagement

He said that it’s okay if Alishbah has not taken down the story and he will soon work harder and become more successful than others in this field.

Source: @ali_khan110_ali110/Instagram

Later, Ali Khan Hyderabadi put a story that said that he’s struggling to come to terms with Alishbah’s actions

Source: @ali_khan110_ali110/Instagram

He claimed that Alishbah is jealous of his success. Ali also said that Alishbah does not know the background to all of this and since no one watches her YouTube channel and social media accounts, she’s using Ali’s fame to get more likes and views.

Source: @ali_khan110_ali110/Instagram

Alishbah did not answer back and instead drew smileys to end the ongoing feud

Source: @alishbahannjum/Instagram


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TikTok Star Ali Khan Hyderabadi Is Getting Bashed For Allegedly Making Fun Of A Dark Skinned Girl


Cover image: @ali_khan110_ali110 via Instagram / @alishbahannjum via Instagram

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