TikTok Star Areeka Haq Just Posted Her First Ever Vlog And I Watched It So You Don't Have To

By Maryam Khalid | 12 Jun, 2020

Areeka Haq just dropped her first vlog

We’ve seen more traditional television and film celebrities like Iqra Aziz, Hania Aamir, and Saba Qamar moving towards digital content creation with starting their own YouTube channels but now we have a mega famous social media celebrity jumping on to YouTube. Areeka Haq, the first Pakistani social media celebrity to hit a million followers on Instagram has just dropped her first YouTube video.


Areeka Haq shared in her first ever vlog that she originally made her YouTube channel a while ago but didn’t have ”time” to post the video until now

She takes a hilarious dig at her ‘masroofiyat’ in the quarantine days. Been there, done that sister. As long as you’ve blessed us all with some fun videos about yourself and your life now.

Source: Areeka Haq/ YouTube

She previously posted a form on her Instagram stories and received enormous amounts of questions from the people. She shortlisted a few frequently asked questions to answer them in this video.


The first question that many people asked her was about Areeka’s age and she LITERALLY brought receipts to prove it

Areeka’s not coming to play! She answered that she is 17 and since she knows trolls would try to dismiss that she posted a picture of her B-form as proof.

Source: Areeka Haq/ YouTube


While answering a question about her education, Areeka revealed that she has recently been ‘promoted’

Referring to the Government’s decision to promote students without exams, Areeka said that she has cleared her intermediate second year. She was a pre-med student and definitely intends to take up medicine in higher studies.

Calling out the haters, Areeka says that people are jealous of her because they know they cannot be her. She also expressed her immense love for her fan pages, as they are the only ones uplifting her in hard times.

Source: Areeka Haq/ YouTube


On being asked how she tackles all the online negativity, Areeka’s secret was simple yet effective

”Kuch tou log kahein gey. Logon ka kaam hai kehna.’

Source: Areeka Haq/ YouTube

The next question was how Areeka’s parents allow her to wear clothes that average Pakistani parents don’t allow. Areeka replied that parents have your best interest in minds. Also, her parents are super supportive of her choices.


”Whats happens to you if TikTok is banned in Pakistan?”

Areeka replied to this question saying that her life would not stop. Social media is just a part of life and not her whole life itself.

Areeka also addressed the rumors around her wrist band, that her sister made it for her and it doesn’t belong to any shrine.

Source: Areeka Haq/ YouTube

She ended her video on the note that any questions left unanswered would be answered in the next video. Sis, we are waiting with breath that is bated.


You can watch the entire video here:

So did you like Areeka Haq’s first YouTube video? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover image via Areeka Haq/ YouTube

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