Iqra Aziz Just Started A New Vlog And I Watched It So You Don't Have To

By Anoosha Rehan | 11 Oct, 2019

Iqra Aziz ne vlog shuru kar diya

It seems like vlogging is the newest trend with Pakistani actresses. After Hania Aamir, Juggun Kazim, Hina Altaf and Ayesha Omar, Iqra Aziz has also started a new vlog. Well, I watched the whole thing so that I can help you decide if you’re really interested in watching it or you’d rather skip it.


So Iqra Aziz just started a new vlog and the first episode is about her trip to Houston, USA for the recent Hum Awards

The vlog started with Iqra getting ready, later revealing that she was on her way to Hum Awards happening in Houston, so the viewers know what to expect from the first vlog.

Source: Iqra Aziz / YouTube

Iqra shared some still photos with Yasir Hussain and Adnan Siddiqui while on her way to the plane. She also said it will take her a little time to interact with her viewers but “houjae ga ahista ahista, ap kay saath aur pyaar kay saath.”

The trio was next seen at the Airport where Yasir Hussain made some joke about Africa *uggh*. Also just so you know, he’s the content writer for the vlog, too.

Source: Iqra Aziz / YouTube


On her flight, Iqra met the cutest little baby girl who kept waving and peek-a-boo-ing at her


Source: Iqra Aziz / YouTube

I mean, look at her.


Farhan Saeed was also on the flight and he was watching Suno Chanda

This was the highlight of the vlog, especially for Jiya and Arsal fans. It kinda also makes me want to binge the first season of the show too. The second one we shall not speak about. Ever.

Source: Iqra Aziz / YouTube


Iqra then shared her conversation exchange with the driver who was interested in knowing about the awards show and her work as a Pakistani actor

Source: Iqra Aziz / YouTube


With regret of not being able to share her meal photos and her love for sunlight glow, Iqra ended the vlog with some still captures with Yasir

Source: Iqra Aziz / YouTube


Here’s the first Iqra Aziz vlog, if you’re still interested in watching it:

Have you seen the vlog? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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Cover image via Iqra Aziz / YouTube

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