The Syrian Shawarma Guy From Islamabad Just Dismissed Rumors Of His Accident

By Anoosha Rehan | 11 Oct, 2019

The Syrian Shawarma in Islamabad has gone viral

Recently, a man selling Syrian shawarma Islamabad has been enjoying a lot of popularity. Soon his videos spread on social media following news coverage on his work and life in Pakistan. People started lining up for his shawarma because it offered “authentic” alternative to the typical Pakistani shawarmas. However recent rumors of his accident and stay in the hospital had worried many.


The Syrian Shawarma in Islamabad became extremely popular after this video

His stall in F-10 Markaz, Islamabad has enjoyed a lot of limelight. People have been showing their utmost love and support to the Syrian refugee, making him feel at home.


The shawarmas became insanely popular on social media


Within no time the Syrian shawarma in Islamabad was famous and lines going for more than 2 hours became a norm


I am talking CRAZY FAMOUS



The Syrian guy thanked and expressed his love to the people of Islamabad for showing him so much support


His shawarmas even made Islamabadis stay awake past 9pm 😝


However, a recent rumor of the Syrian shawarma guy in Islamabad being in an accident spread like wildfire and people instantly panicked

The alleged accident was said to be a pre-planned attack by the competitors of the shawarma guy because they were apparently jealous of his popularity.


People were pissed after learning that the Syrian guy was attacked


And they jumped to SO MANY conclusions


The rumors led to investigation into what really happened with him and soon the news started pouring in that his accident was nothing but a rumor


The Syrian guy himself put an end to all the rumors by confirming that he closed his stall because two of his team members had got into a minor accident so he couldn’t buy the material for shawarmas yesterday

The time span of discovering the Syrian guy, his shawarmas going viral, the rumors of his accident and the rejection of the accident, is crazy, It shows you how much potential social media really has. Well, now that the Syrian refugee’s safety is ensured, people can again go back to appreciating the unique shawarmas brought to them.

Have you tried these Syrian shawarmas in Islamabad? Let us know what you think about them in the comments below.


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Cover image via: / @ShirazHassan via Twitter

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