Ayesha Omar Also Launched Her Own YouTube Channel And It's Actually Pretty Cool

By Fatima A | 2 Jun, 2019

Over the years, Pakistan has definitely witnessed an influx of content geared towards YouTube. From Ducky Bhai’s comedic rants to Irfan Junejo’s breathtaking vlogs, there is an increasing variety of desi channels appearing on Youtube.

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Even celebrities have hopped on the YouTube bandwagon and after Hania Amir, Ayesha Omar is the latest star to dip her toes in the daring waters of YouTube.

Currently, her channel just hosts two videos and has already amassed around 3000 subscribers.

The first video is geared towards promoting the crucial social issue of child-welfare. It features Ayesha and her team’s visit to a shelter house called “Sirat-ul-Jannah” which houses orphaned and abandoned children. The four-minute clip captures many heartwarming moments between Ayesha and the children as she affectionately interacts with them and indulges them with numerous selfies and hugs.

Source: Ayesha Omar Offical/YouTube

In her video, Ayesha urges viewers to donate generously to help these deserving kids and to aid them in improving their lives. Her video ends with a somber note as she prompts the audience to help, followed by a black screen featuring details on how to donate to the “Sirat-ul-Jannah” shelter house.

Her second video definitely adopts a more light-hearted approach as it features Ayesha and her friend/trainer Nusrat Hidayatullah who is also the owner of ‘The F Word” in Karachi.

The video begins with Nusrat raving about Ayesha’s lifestyle while Ayesha exclaims her lifestyle is “insane”. This is followed by a quick montage of photos that basically foreshadow what the video is about – fitness advice and how to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Source: Ayesha Omar Offical/YouTube


Ayesha starts off by saying that she doesn’t “believe in any diets”. She follows this up by saying she isn’t a gym addict either and that she doesn’t work out regularly.

Source: Ayesha Omar Offical/YouTube

The video then proceeds with Ayesha explaining what she typically eats. She maintains a pretty carnivorous diet and although she steers clear of broiler chicken because of adverse effects, she enjoys feasting on desi murghi, mutton, beef or fish.

Ayesha also delves into what she typically has for Iftari. She reveals that she typically opts for a meal consisting of coconut water, two dates, fruit chaat, and a salad.

Source: Ayesha Omar Offical/YouTube

Ayesha also breaks it down for us on what a typical eating day looks like for her. She divulges that while she used to adopt an eating-every-two-hours approach in the past, now she opts to eat whenever she feels hungry as long as it lies in her eating slot during intermittent fasting.

Source: Ayesha Omar Offical/YouTube


She then goes on to give a little detail of how intermittent fasting works and briefly explains the pros of this eating technique.

Source: Ayesha Omar Offical/YouTube

Nusrat also gives her two cents in the video as she rebukes the popular notion that people need to change their eating habits during Ramazan.

Instead, she and Ayesha emphasize on merely readjusting one’s distribution of food and not the quality.

Source: Ayesha Omar Offical/YouTube

Ayesha then chimes in with the negative effects of indulging in fried foods, especially immediately after fasting. Nusrat the elaborates with how directly consuming fried food to break the fast is harmful as your body is in a healing state during that time.

Source: Ayesha Omar Offical/YouTube

The video ends with Ayesha explaining that she and Nusrat can’t possibly talk about all their fitness tips in a singular video. She promises to share her and Nusrat’s collective knowledge in future videos and to deliver more content soon.

Source: Ayesha Omar Offical/YouTube

I love how despite only having two videos up as of now, Ayesha’s channel is super versatile and isn’t only super entertaining to watch but also promotes social welfare and is super informative. I can’t wait for her to put out more videos and to generate similarly amazing content.

Have you seen Ayesha’s videos yet? Which one of the two is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.


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Cover image via Ayesha Omar Offical/YouTube

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