Saba Qamar Just Dropped Her First YouTube Video & I Watched It So You Don't Have To

By Maryam Khalid | 22 Apr, 2020

Saba Qamar just launched her YouTube channel

Guess who’s the next celebrity to jump on the bandwagon of digital content creation? It’s our very own Saba Qamar! She dropped a teaser before releasing the actual video. The teaser was beautiful and poetic. To our dismay, it gave nothing away about what we are going to expect in the video. Honestly, we were a little ”teased”. So, let’s have a look at the teaser first:


Saba Qamar officially launched her YouTube channel with her first video called ”Isolation”

As the name suggests, she is taking a look, with her own lens, at the current almost-worldwide lockdown and the resulting loneliness for some people.

The video starts with showing all the happy moments for Saba, hanging out with friends, dancing carefree, and roaming in the streets freely. Clearly she is missing all the fun and don’t we all?

Source: Saba Qamar Official / YouTube

Skimming through her happy memories, she comes back to her reality. Saba narrates how time has stopped for everyone. The city is deserted and everyone’s pretty much sad.


In her poetic narration, she says ”Log zindagi guzaar rahay hein, jee nahi rahay.”

I felt that!

Source: Saba Qamar Official / YouTube


Saba forces us to think about the rat race that the world before coronavirus had put us in, skewing our priorities

Because we never gave ourselves the time to think and hear our inner voices. And hey look! Now we have all the time in the world :’)

Source: Saba Qamar Official / YouTube

She states the irony that we didn’t have the time to talk to others. Now we’re finding people to talk to because there’s no one to share our grief with. Look at how the tables have turned.

Source: Saba Qamar Official / YouTube

This solitude has made us finally befriend ourselves but we fear that this friendship also might not last long.


Saba also sheds light on her opinion about everyone’s need to be sharing on social media, of people exhibiting and interacting

Because we, as humans are social beings. We need others to feel alive.

Source: Saba Qamar Official / YouTube


The times have changed so much that humans who used to be mortal enemies are now scared of each other

Scared of interacting, scared of transmission. Thank you, COVID-19!

Source: Saba Qamar Official / YouTube


She beautifully takes a dig at the human nature

You are a friend but were you there at the time of need? You are rich but you don’t have anything to give. Khoobsurat ho, khoobseerat bi ho kya?

These lines are so well-written, I am in love!

Source: Saba Qa mar Official / YouTube


Saba also narrates Iqbal’s poetry to remind us of the lesson we’ve learnt from these times

We all are in this together, despite all differences.

Source: Saba Qamar Official / YouTube


The video ends with a powerful scene of Saba submerged underwater in her bathtub

She keeps on drowning and wondering until she finally comes out. The scene left me all emotional and speechless.

Source: Saba Qamar Official / YouTube


If you’re looking to check out what Saba Qamar’s first video is all about, here you go:

The video is an experience. It is so well-written and aesthetically pleasing, according to the end credits it was written by Ms. Qamar herself. Damn you, talented woman! She has perfectly summed up what we are going through in quarantine. The video definitely hit all the right chords. And good news? It’s just the first episode.

Looking forward to more wholesome content, Saba!


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Cover image via Saba Qamar Official / YouTube

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