People Are Demanding PM Imran Khan To Quarantine After Faisal Edhi Tested Positive For Coronavirus

By Maryam Khalid | 21 Apr, 2020

People are concerned for PM Imran Khan after Faisal Edhi got diagnosed with coronavirus

So many parts of the world are in lockdown, yet the virus is spreading like crazy. The times are uncertain so the panic is just as intense. Pakistan’s Government, like other governments around the world, is working tirelessly to provide the economically and coronavirus-affected people some relief.


A while back, Faisal Edhi met Prime Minister Imran Khan in Islamabad to donate a whopping Rs. 10 million to Prime Minister’s Coronavirus Relief Fund

Faisal Edhi who is the head of Edhi Foundation, and the son of the late Abdul Sattar Edhi, handed over the donation in person to Imran Khan. He also got criticized for that because of allegations that public donations to Edhi organization shouldn’t be handed over to any other authority but should be put to use effectively on the needy.


Now according to the latest news from the Sindh Health Department, Faisal Edhi has tested positive for Coronavirus

This is horrifying and sobering.


People are instantly worried for Imran Khan after Faisal Edhi got diagnosed with the virus

People are asking for the Prime Minister to quarantine himself and get tested. There are photos of Faisal Edhi in close proximity to PM Khan from only a few days ago and neither of them is wearing any masks or gloves. While the behavior is reckless in itself, people are asking for PM Khan to get tested immediately.


Also, some have even raised questions whether it was the PM himself who could have given Mr. Edhi the virus

My brain might explode.


Anyways, people are asking everyone involved to get tested immediately to protect themselves and their loved ones


Pakistanis are also praying for speedy recovery of Faisal Edhi

May all those affected find relief quickly and may we be free of this scary disease sooner, rather than later.

News like this is obviously scary because a whole lot of uncertainty is involved regarding the suspected cases and transmission. Let’s just hope that Faisal Edhi recovers as soon as possible and that the PM and his team remain safe.

Take care everyone, stay inside and away from each other.


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Cover image via @faizanlakhani/ Twitter

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