TikTok Star Adil Raajput Had A Glow Up After His Accident And People Are Very Curious

By Maryam Khalid | 3 Oct, 2020

TikToker Adil Raajput had a doosra janam.

Remember Adil Raajput’s death rumors? Well, that was peak drama on its own. Let us take you through a teeny-tiny recap of the events.

Adil’s wife shared a video on his TikTok where she was crying uncontrollably over Adil’s accidental death. Suddenly, the public got suspicious of whether Adil died in an accident or was there an alleged murder, as he was receiving death threats.

Adil Raajput had a phadda with TikToker Nadeema Nani Wala, who also cleared that he had nothing to do with Adil’s death.

Meanwhile, Adil’s neighbors were also reporting that the news is fake. And finally, Adil returned home, injured with the accident.

Pretty mind-boggling right? Welcome to the world of social media, my friend.

Coming back to now, Adil Raajput, and his wife Farah Adil, had a beautiful photoshoot in Lahore

Both of them were dressed up in bridal attire. Farah was wearing a vibrant-red bridal lehanga and Adil looked dapper in a fancy sherwani.


Sk Studio Lahore ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @saadkhan670

♬ original sound – Popi95 – Popi95

A lot of behind-the-scenes sneak peeks as well


@adnan_shahbaz @saadkhan670

♬ original sound – Khiladi_fan🔥


@adnan_shahbaz @saadkhan670 @kashanmir01 @kashifmirathar

♬ original sound – “Wahiba”

People naturally had a lot to say about this photoshoot and the video put up by Adil Raajput

Source: @FarahAdil123/ Instagram
Source: @FarahAdil123/ Instagram

They had a lot of jokes on Adil Raajput’s rebirth and fun, new life

Source: @adil_raajput/ TikTok
Source: @adil_raajput/ TikTok
Source: @adil_raajput/ TikTok

Whatever the actual matter was, whether it was an actual accident or a hoax, Adil Raajput and his wife seem to be having a great time right now. Anyway, what do you think of the photoshoot and the TikTok video posted by Adil? Do you have anything to say? Let us know in the comments!


TikTok Star Adil Raajput Allegedly Died According To His Wife But People Are Questioning The Suspicious Circumstances

Cover image via @FarahAdil123/ Instagram

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