There Are Now Rumors That TikTok Star Adil Raajput Faked His Death To Blame Rival Nadeem Nani Wala

By Maryam Khalid | 15 Sep, 2020

Adil Raajput and Nadeem Nani Wala had been involved in a messy phadda

Earlier today, fans of TikTok star Adil Raajput were shocked with a news that came in quite like a wrecking ball. From his TikTok account, his wife Farah Adil shared a video crying uncontrollably and sharing the shocking news with the world.


♬ original sound – adil_raajput


Since then, fans have been absolutely heartbroken at the news of the loss of Adil Raajput


Some also questioned the incident because Adil Raajput had been engaged in phadda with Nadeem Nani Wala

Nadeem Mubarak, famously known as Nadeem Nani Wala had been in a phadda with Adil Raajput after Adil had dragged him for gaining attention on the back of the Marwah tragedy recently. Adil had alleged that he was receiving death threats ever since he dragged Nadeem.

Owing to all this, people were questioning whether this news of the alleged death of Adil was real and if it was, whether he passed away in an accident or it was more sinsiter.


Now, there are clips circulating, allegedly of the neighbors of Adil, which back claims of Nadeem Nani Wala in saying that he hasn’t passed away

Some videos have surfaced showing Adil’s neighbors expressing their disappointment over the alleged fake news. They are suggesting that Adil’s family is not opening doors and they got extremely concerned at the death news.

لیاقت پور کے مشہور و معروف ٹک ٹاک سٹار عادل بھٹی کی بیگم نے عادل بھٹی کی کار ایکسیڈنٹ میں جاں بحق ہونے کی فیک ویڈیو بنا کر اہل علاقہ کو پریشان کردیا۔ کیا یہ سچ ہے؟

Gepostet von Graphic Wala Designer am Dienstag, 15. September 2020


Many people are disgusted at the possibility that this may just be a cheap stunt in the Adil Raajput vs Nadeem Nani Wala phadda


Nadeem Mubarak has also responded to his name being dragged into the controversy

So, Nadeem posted a TikTok video and called out Adil and his wife for pulling a fake stunt to gain more followers. He suggested that Adil is very much alright.


Beware of scam and fake news #nadeemmubarakofficial

♬ original sound – nadeemmubarakofficial


Nadeem further stated that many TikTokers use his name for fame but no one has been able to prove any claims of him threatening them. He said Adil and and his wife, Farah, should be ashamed of their actions


Shame on you guys #nadeemmubarakofficial

♬ original sound – nadeemmubarakofficial

However, another TikToker Sherry Butt just asked fans not to believe any news about Adil being safe until he confirms because he was Adil’s only friend on TikTok. He has now deleted that video.

At this point honestly, I don’t know what to believe. The conspiracy theories around the alleged death of TikTok star Adil Raajput and his phadda with Nadeem Nani Wala aka Nadeem Mubarak are aplently. If the news of the death is actually fake, that would be so unjust to the fans who have been mourning Adil’s death. If it is true, the fact that his death was called fake by a rival would be extremely offensive. This is so tough to follow as a vicarious bystander.


Cover image: @farahadil123 via Instagram / @nadeemmubarakofficial via Instagram

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