PM Imran Khan Announced Chemical Castration For Rapists & It Has Started A Massive Debate

By Noor | 15 Sep, 2020

Imran Khan just announced chemical castration as a possible punishment for rape

After the tragic and extremely shocking motorway incident, many had called into question the way it was handled by those in power. The comments made by the CCPO Lahore, in particular, had not sit well with Pakistanis. On top of this, the inaction of top leaders of the country also pissed off many people. Well, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, finally addressed the incident.


In an interview last evening, PM Imran Khan said that chemical castration is an option that the Government would put forth as a punishment for rapists

Mr. Prime Minister explained his point of view by suggesting that the rapists should not get an easy way out, surgery should be conducted to make sure that they will not be able to repeat this heinous crime again.


Naturally, this has ignited a debate on social media about the effectiveness of this remedy put forth by the PM


Quite a few people appreciated Imran Khan for suggesting chemical castration as a punishment


They thanked the PM for suggesting an appropriate measure


A few, however opposed the suggestion Imran Khan made for chemical castration, citing religious grounds

They argued that they want religious punishments which are in line with Islamic teachings.


A few said that this decision will result in more issues than it intends to solve

Some people worried that chemical castration of convicts could lead to individuals who will become psychopaths or extremist and could pose a threat to a healthy social environment.


Amidst the serious debate, there were many who unleashed their meme skills over the situation


Many believed that the PM has opted for an ‘easier’ way out and has not addressed many of the important issues like victim-blaming, unsafe public spaces, and other sensitive issues that are more important to curb the instances of rape

People are concerned that before deciding remedies for some famous cases, it is important to first make it safe for women to be able to report cases of rape. Then what’s needed is the certainty of conviction so that rapists are actually punished. The type of punishment, they argue, is something that comes much later and is only serving to incite more violence for the bloodthirsty, angry populace.

While some may argue, PM Khan has said he believes that by making the rapists ‘inactive’, the threat of rape from that particular individual will be eliminated.

What are your thoughts on this remedy? Sound off in the comments below.


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