PEMRA Banned Media Coverage Of The Motorway Incident And People Are Extremely Angry

By Maryam Khalid | 3 Oct, 2020

PEMRA is banning the airing of any content related to the Motorway Incident

The horrific Motorway Incident jolted the entire nation awake. The lack of safety while traveling, CCPO Lahore’s shameless victim-blaming, and police’s incompetence to arrest the criminals have raised many questions in the minds of women living in Pakistan. There has been no breakthrough progress in the case until now and it is genuinely frustrating.

But now PEMRA has decided to prohibit media coverage of the Motorway Incident on national television as well

PEMRA takes this decision on grounds of hindering the prosecution process and disgracing the victim’s family. It ordered all satellite channels to refrain from airing any content regarding the Sialkot Motorway Incident.

People are outraged at this sort of censorship by PEMRA

They are forced to think that this censorship might be for brushing away the incompetencies of the authorities

The fact that the notice said ”victim and HIS family will be disgraced” showed some really poor choice of words

People are saying that banning something is not the only way to protect the victim’s anonymity


This notice by PEMRA has truly upset many

Instead of seeing something fruitful from days and days of investigations, all we are seeing are actions that are hindering any semblance of progress. The entire country is with the victim and we definitely need to know how the case progresses to understand where this country’s judicial system is heading. However, if this ban is just to protect the authorities from being accountable to the public, then this is, in many ways, unfair and disappointing.

What is your say on this ban? Let us know in the comments.

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Cover image via The Express Tribune

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