This Viral Rant On “Why We Don't Need Aurat March” Is Extremely Powerful

By Maryam Khalid | 1 Mar, 2020

It has been three years since Pakistani women are challenging patriarchal norms through Aurat March. Held every year on March 8 – International Women’s Day – this nationwide movement stands for every oppressed section of society. It is much more than just placards and protests. It voices the struggles of all the women who are exhausted due to patriarchal barricades. While the movement is much needed, it also tends to aggravate a whole lot of population. They file petitions against it, issue threats to the participants and undermine the point of the March itself.

Therefore, Adeel Afzal took to Instagram to express why this society “doesn’t need anything like Aurat March”

In his powerful video, he starts by narrating that how ”azeem” this society truly is

Source: @kasae.darvaish / Instagram

Addressing the women, Adeel challenges all the stereotypes set by our society

He also takes digs at the “duties” that women are supposed to do. Moreover, he keeps adding on all the stuff that threatens women every day. From the grief of having a girl child to the ‘‘rishta catwalks’,‘ Adeel mentions all the forced norms.

Source: @kasae.darvaish / Instagram

He then goes on to ask – why do women even need to get out? What is out there anyway? Harassers, abusers, perverts, and blackmailers? If women think they can speak up for equal rights, who exactly is listening? People remain insensitive to all the injustices happening in our society – they would never face the truth.

Adeel sarcastically adds that if they do face the truth, how would they then claim that indeed, we live in an “azeem muashara?” 

Source: @kasae.darvaish / Instagram

MangoBaaz approached Adeel Afzal to know the motive behind making this iconic video. He states:

”I believe in the freedom of expression. I think we all should have a habit to discuss ideas. I like to share my opinion, so I have already made a few videos regarding diverse issues. That’s how I learn. And we must have some physical and virtual space, enabling us to share our opinions without any fear.”

On talking about choosing Aurat March as a subject for his video, he stated,

”I felt really bad when a lawyer filed a petition in the court to ban the movement. Also, a friend, Humera Alam, shared her idea with me that I should make a video on her concept. So, I wrote it down and did it.”

For people who oppose Aurat March, Adeel says that he is glad that the debate is happening. He believes that everyone should listen to views, even if they aren’t in line with personal beliefs. A logical argument is never a bad idea.

So what do you think of Adeel’s video? Did he touch the right points? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover image via @kasae.darvaish / Instagram

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