This Restaurant In Karachi Just Compared Women To Teabags Aur Sab Unn Par Ubal Ke Phatt Paray

By Sarmad Amer | 8 Mar, 2019

This restaurant in Karachi is in hot waters


Casual misogyny is an ever present concern. Pakistan too, being such a patriarchal society, is obviously not immune to it. Learning to be more mindful of treating women as equals and not comparing them to inanimate objects or animals has appeared to be a very challenging task.


After being called Lollipops and khuli tejoriyaan, women were just compared to teabags by this restaurant in Karachi

Fibbi Cafe in DHA Karachi apparently thought that celebrating Women’s Day by calling them teabags was going be a gesture that will be applauded by their female audience. Sadly, for the restaurant but thankfully for society, that was not to be.

Source: Fibbi Cafe / Facebook


The awaami was quick to notice that the restaurant had goofed up big time in comparing women to teabags

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And while some found it funny, many were actually pissed

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There were naturally many lollipop jokes

Some women decided to have fun with the restaurant’s casual misogyny by joking about the already loathed lollipop comaprisons.

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And some jokingly even asked important questions

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But this guy had a very valid point, one that everyone, and not just brands, need to pay attention to

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In the past, women have also been compared to juice boxes by some men who don’t understand the concept of women being as much a human being

And they were trolled just as well.


Basically, the point is stop comparing women to objects. Not only is it regressive, misogynistic generalization, it is also just plain ridiculous. Yes, you may not have seen women around you face any hardships, or you may not have realized how certain casual jokes are actually very offensive for the women around you but that doesn’t mean oppression of women and misogyny does not exist at all. So, what you can do to improve this situation is be mindful of not making those jokes about women or minorities who have been marginalized and remember to call out a friend or family member when they’re being misogynistic, racist or oppressive. By calling out, I don’t mean you have to forget the concept of respect, you can be extremely respectful while telling someone they’re wrong.

That’s all folks.


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