This Pakistani Dude Compared Women To A Juice Box On Twitter & People All Over The World Are Losing Their Shit

By Biya Haq | 26 Nov, 2018

A juice box? Really?

Pakistan has recently gone through a bit of a revolution on the women empowerment front.

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And though most people have begun to understand the importance of it all, there are some *ahem* people who cannot help but tweet their own personal views, regardless.


This guy took it upon himself to comment on the ‘dignity’ of women on Twitter by comparing them to a juice box and got completely bitten in the ass for it.


Like, everyone completely lost it.


People all around the world are offended


Everyone jumped up on the hate train and tried to set his thinking straight.


There was lots of hilarity in people’s reactions


You can’t just compare a woman, a child-bearing, hard-working, completely disenfranchised woman to a juice box. A JUICE BOX.

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We have to get something straight, for all the people who are pissed off at that random ass dude for comparing women to juice boxes

Though it is important to be passionate about things in life and more importantly, standing up for societal rights and equality, it can also be completely futile to fight every single person on the Internet.

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Legit, there is no point.

Apart from that, regardless of what we all may think, an opinion is an opinion and everyone is entitled to one. Just as this particular user thought it was appropriate to say that women are juice boxes, we can say the opposite and that is our opinion. The point is that there is no point in getting SO offended by some idiot solely because of a single tweet they happen to spew out in a number of characters. Responding to them gives them legitimacy and makes them feel important.

Whatever he said was such absolute nonsense that it really is literally a waste of time to even give him the time of day. Technically, yes, that is what we are doing at the moment by writing an article on him, and as much as we would like to sit and troll all of our own haters, we do understand that people are entitled to their own opinion.

ALL we can really do is point out what conversations are worth having and choosing to live in a world where a discussion is a solution to our problems, not Twitter trolling.


And there are some people who seem to agree with us


What do you think of the tweet? Of other tweets like this? Is it worth it to get SO offended by every tweet that doesn’t go with your opinion? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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