This Pakistani Guy Posted A Sexist Tweet Aur Sub Uss Ki Le Ke Bhaag Gaye

By Sarah Babar | 5 Mar, 2017

This is Hashir Pervez

He’s an average Pakistani tweeter. He tweets memes, jokes, rants and everything under the sun.


Hashir recently posted a gem of a tweet


Now I don’t know what to make of it. So let’s dissect this Tweet before we get on to reactions.

Subject: Two Girls

Action: Wearing Sleeveless

Noun: Ass

Verb: Sexual Harassment

Men and women from desi Twitter lost it just a little bit.


Like this guy saying what went through most people’s minds

I won’t go so far and call it a rapist mentality, but it’s sad that men in our society are normalizing eve teasing and telling other men that it’s okay to stare at a girl or go beyond that just because her skin is showing.


And this girl came with a counter-situation with men who were being “predatory”


And then realized what the real cause behind natural calamities was


This girl tried proving the point that men will stare at you regardless of how you’re dressed

It’s time we stop judging other people by what they’re wearing and start acknowledging what they’re doing in their lives. Because, honestly, if we start shaming each other, we’re just going to go down as a country. And it’s sad that we’re still finding it difficult to break out of that shell.


This gentleman stepped in and questioned the whole premise of the tweet altogether


While Hashir himself tried clearing up what he said before, it only made matters worse

Because as far as I understand, there is a comparison being drawn between men raping women and women dressing up ‘immodestly’, which is just not on.

There is absolutely no harm in expressing yourselves, but when it comes to telling other people that what they believe in, or what they do is wrong, that’s where to draw the line.


Disclaimer: This was not a feminist rant and it’s not a Hashir hating rant, either. If a woman says something like this about a man, it’s just as bad. So dear people, please don’t go postal, kthenksbye.


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