This Netflix Show Is Full Of Dark Humor, Death And Betrayal, And The Whole World Is Obsessed With It

By Arslan Athar | 27 May, 2019

‘Dead To Me’ is a new Netflix show that has been making waves ever since it released on the popular streaming website. The show plays on the themes of death, grief, deceit, with a sprinkle of dark comedy.

The show stars Jen, who loses her husband Ted after he’s run over. The person who runs him over, drives off, which leaves Jen is a frenzy to find out who killed him.

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The show’s second lead is Judy, who meets Jen at a grief counseling group. Judy and Jen hit it off immediately. Judy had lost her fiance recently.

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The two women become close friends and help each other to get over their grief. 

It appears as though Judy is the only person who’s able to understand Jen’s grief, which only makes their bond tighter. Judy gives Jen the strength to face her life without her husband and also face life as a single mother, she supports Jen and helps out in whatever way possible. Judy also helps Jen navigate her relationship with her two sons, whom she suddenly has to parent full time.

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It may seem all rosy at the onset, however, we soon are thrown into Jen’s obsession with catching her husband’s killer, and we’re also exposed to Judy’s ‘dark’ side. 

Jen soon becomes determined to find out who ran over her husband- she goes on a full witch hunt, but often finds herself wondering if she should just move one, or bring justice. We’re also introduced to her uncontrollable anger problems and outbursts.

Also, not all is perfect and jolly with Judy either. I can’t say what exactly triggers her without giving everything away, but she’s spun herself into a web of lies, however, she is good at heart and is always finding ways to get to the truth. The clash between Judy’s morals, Jen’s grief, and anger become the major tension in the program and are exactly what makes it all very entertaining.

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‘Dead To Me’ is unique in that it shows grief in all its forms. 

It shows the ugly, sobbing side of grief and it shows how people control their sadness for their loved ones. In the very first episode, Jen is shown as a very composed mother, however, we see her sobbing her way through the night and laying on her bed unable to sleep. It is a very real depiction of how a family, and especially a spouse, react to a death.

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Another thing that sets the show apart is how the writers keep raising the stakes during the show and how they throwing their characters into situations that only seem to be getting tougher and tougher to get out of.

People all across the world are singing the show’s praises.


It stands apart from the rest of the recent Netflix shows.


If for nothing else, just watch the show for how visually appealing it is. 


Oh did I forget to mention? The ending might just leave you shocked. 


People cannot stop raving about the show. 


Matlab, there was no stopping the L O V E.


Jen’s character provides the show dark comedy- she says what’s on her mind, and she’s unapologetic about it. 


Like what’s not to love!


So, take some advice, and WATCH. THE. SHOW. 


You can watch the trailer for the show here:


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The Whole World Is Obsessing Over This New Netflix Show And Be Careful, It’s Dangerously Addictive

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