The Whole World Is Obsessing Over This New Netflix Show And Be Careful, It’s Dangerously Addictive

By Iman Zia | 11 Jan, 2019

Netflix’s ‘You’ is a dangerous, dangerous obsession. Don’t be fooled by the fact that it stars Penn Badgley aka Dan Humphrey from ‘Gossip Girl’ and might have a similar trope. It is absolutely, and entirely nothing like it. ‘You’ is comical, dark, sexy, twisted and pretty much everything you want all woven together into one of the best shows Netflix has come out with yet.


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Penn is Joey – a bookkeeper who at surface seems very innocent and ‘Dan-esque,’ is, in fact, an intelligent, cunning, sociopath. His internal monologue from the very first episode gives us complete insight into his creepy personality, and the entire show is construed through his eyes.  He’ll do just about anything really after he becomes obsessed with a customer he lays eyes on – Guinevere Beck; he justifies his stalking, abductions and other crimes that we won’t really mention on the basis of “love.” ‘You’ is disturbing prolific documentation of a psychopath, wherein the new millennial age, most of his stalking is done through the easy accessibility through social media.

Source: Netflix


Joey is an observer and quickly deconstructs his victims, and his inner monologue reminds you of film ‘American Pyscho.’ His darkness isn’t entirely black though – there’s light amidst his psychopathy when he takes care of his young neglected neighbor. We haven’t really spoiled anything for you, don’t worry – you’re in for quite the binge-watch with ‘You.’ His continual obsession is love for him. He loves Beck, and boy oh boy does it get FREAKY.

Source: Netflix


Penn is absolutely phenomenal as Joey. He plays such a twisted character and does it so brilliantly – it became a slight issue though recently after fans began romanticizing his character, even begging him on Twitter to ‘kidnap’ them. He had to call out fans to not fall for the disturbing character he plays – that’s how crazy the show has become. A second season has already been announced, and you can watch all ten episodes now on the streaming site.


Watch the promo now. And then go watch it on Netflix. You’re SO welcome.


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