Can We Just Talk About The Tweet The Official Government Of Pakistan Account Just Deleted

By Biya Haq | 11 Jan, 2019

Oh boy.

Alrighty, let’s just get right to it.

The official Twitter account of the Government of Pakistan posted and then quickly deleted this image.

Source: @Shamyl


Obviously, even if it was well-intentioned, sending a message like this to the people of a third-world country like Pakistan? Seriously? And that too the GOVERNMENT of said third-world country is tweeting it out? That is a yikes. A big big yikes.

Clearly, since the tweet was taken off so suddenly, we’re assuming that they realized that it was a pretty shitty thing to say given the extremely problematic meaning.

Also, just in case you wondering – we haven’t been able to confirm whether or not Bill Gates actually said this in the first place, lol.

Definitely not this exact quote either considering the grammar was so off, but also just the quote in general. In fact, the origins of this quote have been a topic of debate for a decent amount of time and even so much so that it became funny.

We’re talking Reddit threads,

Source: Reddit


Source: Me.Me

And possible explanations?

Source: Quora

Either way, whether or not Gates was the one to say it, the Government of Pakistan Twitter account were the ones to retweet it.

Surface level wise, a mistake like this is pretty comical and we may get a few funny tweets on it but big picture? This is the Government talking to its civilians. Nowadays social media has the power to reach literally the entire world in a push of a button.

That kind of power needs to be regulated and taken seriously especially when it is being watched by the millions of Pakistans probably confused the fuck out at the quote in the first place.

So yeaaaah, we can laugh about it a little bit because let’s face it, the blunder is quite funny especially considering that it is not completely unexpected. But we should also get serious about the fact that we were not completely surprised by it – and THAT is truly a very concerning thing for us and for the future of our nation.

BUT just so that we don’t leave you guys feeling down on a Friday!!!!! Here are some of Bill Gates’ best quotes to start off your weekend RIGHT.

Source: GoalCast


Source: GoalCast


Source: The Good Quotes

Lolsy, what a cutie.

Did you see the tweet? What did you think? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.

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