Answer These Questions And We’ll Give You A Show To Binge On While Waiting For Sehri

By Arslan Athar | 7 May, 2019

Which Netflix show should you be binging on?

Ramazan has begun, and with it have begun long nights and a pretty disturbed sleep schedule. For some of us sleeping before sehri is a risk, so we stay up.


There is a long list of things that can be done to fill up that time, and chief on that list has to be watching one Netflix show or a couple

While some people choose to play PUBG to spend time till Sehri others choose to get entangled in chatting with their bae. Some of us who have neither any interest in PUBG nor a bae to get busy with choose binging on TV shows and movies as a not-so-boring way to spend time while we wait for Sehri.

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Sadly, watching shows means that you have to also choose WHAT Netflix show to watch out of the millions of choices 

There’s just so much content out there and you can send your mind spinning with all the options that you have to choose from. Should you watch quick comedy show episodes or long, serious shows?

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Well, not to worry! We got you covered

Your good friends at MangoBaaz have got a fun way to choose what you might want to watch… unless, of course, you’re a champion binge-watcher and have already seen all the shows we are going to recommend, in which case, aap ka kuch nahi ho sakta. For all others, scroll below.

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Take this quiz, and we will tell you what show you should be watching for some of these long nights

What show did you get? No matter what you got, it’s best to get to watching! Once that show finishes, take this quiz again, an get a whole new recommendation.



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