15 New Seriously Addictive Netflix Shows You Need To Start Watching If You Hate Pakistani Dramas

By Iman Zia | 8 Jan, 2019

If you’re not a fan of Pakistani dramas, nor do you have any interest in attempting to watch them, or ever for that matter then we have you covered. Netflix is undeniably at the peak of its triumph, and is, well let’s face it – the gamechanger for the future of visual medium as we know it. If you’ve noticed, a new Netflix show pops up almost every day, and we have THE best of the best new shows you won’t be able to get enough of…


1. Bandersnatch

Netflix just raised the bar by releasing their first ever interactive film, and is a kind of one-off spin-off of the critically acclaimed show ‘Black Mirror.’ We’re taken back to 1984 where a game programmer starts questioning his life and reality after he feels like he’s being controlled – like a video game. And the best part is, we get to choose various options that lead to different endings; it’s fantastic.

Source: Netflix


2. You

This is one seriously eery show. Starring Penn Badgley, best known as Dan from ‘Gossip Girl,’ this romantic-stalkerish-creepy AF show will have you hooked from day one. Two individuals fall in love but it quickly turns into something far more terrifying.

Source: Netflix


3. Cuckoo

If you’re an Adam Samberg fan, then you’ll love this quirky comedy. A family welcomes home a new son-in-law they had no idea about until their daugther returns back from a holiday. It’s absolutely hilarious, and is a must watch.

Source: Netflix


4. Bodyguard

Richard Madden just won a Golden Globe for his role in this utterly brilliant show as Sgt. David Budd who is quickly promoted to protect the UK Home Secretary – but little does he know the secrets that lie behind her terrifying agendas. The Netflix show is returning for a second season soon, so hurry up and catch up!

Source: Netflix


5. Derry Girls

Short, twenty-minute episodes that are so engrossing, you’re suddenly feeling incredibly sad that they’re over – that’s how great this show is. It’s set in Ireland and revolves around a VERY relatable group of kids just trying to evolve. It’s got a heart – comedy at its finest. Season two has also been announced.

Source: Netflix


6. Tidying Up With Marie Kondo

If you love reality shows and home makeovers and life hacks, then look no further than renowned expert Marie Kondo who visits homes and cleans their clutter in the most unique way. It’s kind of like ‘Queer Eye;’ it’s more than a makeover – it’s a life change.

Source: Netflix


7. The Innocent Man

This documentary is based on John Grisham’s only non-fiction book based on two murder cases that took place in Oklahoma in the 1980s. It’s provocative, scary AF but one of the finest documentaries Netflix has produced thus far.

Source: Netflix


8. Selection Day

This heart-wrenching Indian Netflix Original is about two teenager cricket prodigies who we see grow and mold in the face of an incredibly overbearing father and a rigid sports system.

Source: Netflix


9. Perfume

Okay, this is one dark, DARK German show. A singer is found murdered with her scent glands literally cut out from her – so an investigation is formed where her former boarding school friends are questioned. It’s very gripping, just fair warning – it isn’t for the weakhearted.

Source: Netflix


10. A Series Of Unfortunate Events

Season 3 of Lemony Snicket’s ‘A Series Of Unfortunate Events’ is back, and it’s even better than the first two seasons. The orphans continue to face battles with the villainous Count Olaf as they try and uncover more about their family’s secrets.

Source: Netflix


11. Riverdale

Season 3 is back and a new episode airs every Sunday for all you Archie Comic lovers. It’s become darker, where Betty, Archi, and Jughead try and figure out what the actual hell is going on in Riverdale – from murders to drugs – it’s not your average ‘One Tree Hill.’

Source: Netflix


12. Comedians Of The World

A versatile array of 47 comedians from 13 regions bring about their version of what’s funny around the world – you can choose any episode you please, but guaranteed each one will have you in laugh riots.

Source: Netflix


13. Tidelands

This Australian Netflix Original is about an ex-con who returns home Orphelin Bay, where generations of conspiracies of murder and drugs still haunt the town. Also, it stars Chris Hemsworth’s wife – so there’s that too. It’s a very steamy, guilty pleasure drama you can dip your toes into.

Source: Netflix


14. The Protector

This Turkish drama is SO GOOD. It’s basically about a very good looking man (not relevant, but also very relevant) who lives in modern-day Istanbul and tries to save the city from a villainous enemy.

Source: Netflix


15. Sick Note

Rupert Grint is back on telly with this hilarious British black comedy series along with Nick Frost. Rupert is diagnosed with terminal cancer, but it turns out that he isn’t – he still pretends he’s sick to see how everyone around him will treat him. Crazy right? Go watch it.

Source: Netflix


Which show are you watching?


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