These Chinese Nationals In Lahore Were Just Arrested For Trafficking Pakistani Girls

By Biya Haq | 7 May, 2019

So much for CPEC.

Eight Chinese Nationals were arrested for trafficking local girls to China through contract marriages.

Source: Geo News Via YouTube


Jamil Ahmad Khan Mayo, the Deputy Director of the FIA in Pakistan, stated that arresting these eight nationals was all part of their job to protect locals and expose foreigners involved in any kinds of illegal activity. The eight individuals that were arrested, were responsible for marrying local girls and then trafficking them back home with them to China.

According to official reports, these criminals, with the help of Pakistani officials, were able to contract these local women into marriage so that once they brought them home, they could force them into prostitution. The FIA has also confirmed that the four Pakistani men that were accomplices in the plan have also been sought and caught by Pakistani authorities and will be dealt with accordingly.

The master of it all is allegedly the son of a Punjab Police Officer who got away when Officers came knocking. Pakistani forces were monitoring the situation beforehand and even attended a wedding to gather information on the suspects.

Source: Geo News Via YouTube

Though this is absolutely vile and truly a darker shade of CPEC that I hadn’t even thought of before, contract marriages or ‘contract wives’ are a very common thing for people in Asia.

Also known as ‘Bride Buying,’ the practice comes from an entire industry devoted to purchasing brides as a form of property and being able to further sell or re-sell based off of the buyers choice. The practice is most heavily based out of China, India, North Korea, Vietnam and Africa however is illegal in most countries.

Though the men, in this case, have been handled, it is scary to think that opening this country up to other cultures and nationalities in such an aggressive way also invites in more gruesome realities that we didn’t think of. Though this may be a major bust in what seemed like an empty field of crime for our new foreign visitors, after this arrest, who knows what else we have to look out for by the hands of both foreigners and our own.

Have you seen the conversation? What do you think about our government’s role in this situation? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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