This Indian Woman Fled To Pakistan To Marry Her Lover But Indian Authorities Are Claiming She's Being Kept ‘Zabardasti'

By Fatima A | 14 Apr, 2019

The Indian woman and her Pakistani lover whose love story might be more sinister than we think

Technically speaking, marriage is a union between two people who are committed to spending their entire life together. However, in desi communities, this traditional definition definitely fails to convey the true essence of a shaadi.

It’s ammi,abbu, nana, nani, tayay, chachay, khala, mamoo, phupho..basically two whole families coming together as they witness the larka and larki get together.

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In the case of Indian born, Tina and Pakistan born, Salman, not only will two families be coming together but two entirely different nations

Hailing from the province of Punjab, Chandigarh native, Tina allegedly fled to Pakistan in a bid to escape the abuse of her husband. In Pakistan, she managed to find love and embraced Islam in a bid to marry Gujrawala native, Suleman.



And look at how cute they look, together



However, this epic cross border romance may not be the love story it appears to be… at least according to India

The Indian Foreign Office has requested for the return of Tina to India and alleges that Tina came to Pakistan because she had some disagreement with her husband. They claim that Suleman has forcibly held the woman hostage at his house, therefore, the Pakistani authorities should take steps for her repatriation to her homeland India.


This narrative is quite disturbing, to say the least, especially in light of the recent controversy regarding the forced conversion of the Ghotki girls from Sindh . The matter further instigated cross border tension but was put to rest after an investigation by the Islamabad High Court(IHC) declared that the conversions were not forceful and permitted the girls to live with their husbands.


Regarding the Tina-Suleman affair, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Islamabad has turned down Indian assertion that Suleman has forcibly converted Tina to Islam

Hopefully, this signifies that the love affair is nothing but a sweet tale of a couple who defied national divide to unify in matrimony. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this is the next Sania-Shoaib love story that has the two nations swooning across the border and successfully easing the tension…at least temporarily.


Cross border love is truly such a heartwarming incident amidst such tense political climate between the two neighboring countries and we can all but pray that the Suleman-Tina love story is one that promotes further peace talks across the border and not another harrowing tale of forced conversions.

Let us know in the comments below what you believe is the true side to this couple?


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