Here's How You Can Watch The Final Season Of Game Of Thrones In Pakistan

By Aam Nawab | 14 Apr, 2019

The wait is finally over! Although literal winter has left us, the true TV Winter we’ve been waiting for us about to release and honestly, as a GoT fan, I don’t know what to do with myself. Sadly, a big concern for a lot of people is how to watch the episode as soon as possible, because let’s be real, spoilers are dangerous and can ruin a show.

How does a Pakistani, in Pakistan, watch the most highly anticipated series? If you’re still looking for a good way to watch the show, that it is not torrents, then we got you covered:


1. The HBO-way. 

In 2016, we uncovered a way to watch the show through the HBO app. The app, mixed in with good use of VPN, and the ability to think fast will give you access. This method is tricky since the app is designed to block out free-loaders, so tread carefully.


2. Indian website, Hotstar will be streaming the episodes. 

An Indian website, called Hotstar, has the official license to legally stream the Game of Thrones episode. The website is geared to only work in India, so you know what three-letter abbreviation you need to use to access the website. Immediate access to the episodes is paid, so that might get tricky. The way Hotstar usually works is that a day or two after an episode is released, users can watch it for free, but there is no information contradicting this online, or on the Hotstar website itself.



There are loads of websites offering live streams for Season 8 of ‘Game of Thrones’. USE THEM if you must. They’re your most clear shot way of watching the show without much hassle and mental energy. This Reddit thread details all the websites you can go to watch the latest episodes.

Source: HBO


4. Test your friends in the US and their love for you! 

I’m dead serious here. If your friends are like you, and LOVE GoT, they will most definitely have HBO access and login credentials. Let them watch the episode first, and hand over the login details to you, just make sure you aren’t getting any spoilers with that too!

If you can’t wait THAT long then well…ask them to video call you and watch the episode like that. I honestly cannot think of a more ingenious way to do this the fastest possible way.



If all of these fail, you can just use torrents, because we’ve all been doing that for YEARS now.

The episode is going to drop at 6 AM, Pakistan time on Monday morning, so y’all better get a good night’s sleep before that.


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  Cover Photo Courtesy: HBO

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