This Couple From Lahore Had Their Nikkah Done Twice When They Got Married, Here's Why

By Arslan Athar | 3 Jun, 2017

We often hear about people from different sects falling in love. At the same time we also hear about the same two people not being able to get married because ghar walay nahin maanay. 


Meet the happily married couple, Fahad and Roha

Source: Fahd


They had their Nikkah two times, when they got married.

On 18th of May, Fahad and Roha got Nikkah-ed and then on the 19th, they got Nikkah-ed again. Wait, what? Well, on the 18th the couple had a nikkah according to Shia traditions, and on the 19th they got married according to sunni tradition.

Source: Fahd


The couple met about 3 years ago at a university event. They met through mutual friends and the rest is history. 

Source: Fahd

Their struggle towards getting married wasn’t an easy one. They spent about 3 months convincing their families. Fahad’s family is a strictly Wahabi family and Roha’s is strictly shia. Lucky for them, unn ke ghar walay maan gaye, but when it came to what type of nikkah they would have, after much discussion and debate a compromise was both.


The couple are happy to report that both families are getting along just great. 

Source: Fahd

Roha has been welcomed with open arms at Fahad’s house, and they’re very accommodating to the way she practices Islam. Also with ramazan arriving shortly after their shaadi, both families have been fasting and having iftaar side by side, as one.


So, how and why did they do it?

We were pretty confused about the difference so Fahad told MangoBaaz that the main difference is that in a Shia nikkah there are two molvis (one for each side) and there is only one in a Sunni nikkah.

Another big difference is that in a Shia nikkah they recite seghay while the Sunnis recite kalmas during the ceremony. Other than that, there is no major difference between the nikkahs of the two sects. (Other than the fact that the Shia nikkah usually takes longer than than a Sunni one)


We wish Roha and Fahad all the best with their married life. Their story has truly warmed our hearts. Much love to you guys 🙂


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