This Facebook Group Wants To Replace Rishta Aunties, So Is Mrs. Khan Going To Be Jobless Soon?

By Mashal Abbasi | 31 Aug, 2019

Rishta aunties, beware.

Are your parents freaking out about rishta prospects? Do they want you to get married ASAP? Or maybe you think it’s time to settle down and start a new chapter in your life. Well then, let the search begin!

Finding a match in our society isn’t easy, with arranged marriages still being considered the key to happily ever after. Be it through family, friends or the dreaded rishta aunties, it takes quite a number of chai trolleys, inquiries and awkward meetings to find a potential match.

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Well, enter the rishta group – Skip The Rishta Aunty (STRA), the brainchild of Areeba Atif, a Pakistani based in Canada.

Areeba created the group just a few months ago, and it has a sizable amount of members already.

Her philosophy behind STRA is simple, she wants to give people the chance to avoid the drawing room drama and talk to each directly, without the prying eyes and pressure of looming family members, who inevitably limit them from interacting openly. Rishta aunties are also a pet peeve,

“They do it as a business and for the money. I’m doing it because I hate seeing such good families at the mercy of their greed,” she says.


“I get 50-70 requests every day from people asking to join, but unfortunately have to decline most. I want STRA to be a safe space for all those looking for potential life partners, and have a very strict vetting process,” Areeba tells us.

Joining the group is fairly simple, but every potential member has to answer a number of questions and meet certain requirements to be guaranteed admission.

Skip the rishta auntie / Facebook
Skip the rishta auntie / Facebook
Skip the rishta auntie / Facebook

Once added to the group, each member has 24 hours to upload a profile, these can be done anonymously and every profile must be in the following format, which has been laid out in a way to provide as much information as possible, with starred items  mandatory to fill out (these are only some of the areas one must fill in):

Searching for a match for myself/friend/cousin/sibling/son/daughter
*Name: XYZ or anonymous
*Education: name of the institute and/or academic level such as bachelors masters, Ph.D. etc
*Current place of residence: mention city name and/or country
*School of thought: Shia, Sunni, etc

Looking for these attributes in a potential match (if no preference, then you may omit the non-applicable ones:
Age range:
City or country of residence:
Status: single or divorced

There is also an infographic for members, explaining how to contact potential matches after seeing their profiles on the group

Skip the rishta auntie / Facebook

So far, the group consists mainly of female members, skewing the gender balance.

“The girls keep adding more of their girlfriends, cousins, and siblings. But only a few people actually add decent guys. More than half of those guys haven’t even posted yet. Maybe they aren’t looking seriously or aren’t facing that much of a problem the way girls are,” says Areeba.

Her goal for STRA is to create a strong, and most importantly safe space for people to find potential matches. While it’s too soon for wedding bells, as the group hasn’t even been operational for a month as yet, Areeba has confirmed that two potential couples are in talks, with both parties seriously considering marriage.

Areeba hopes to see more guys joining the group in the near future, as it would greatly help with the gender balance of STRA, along with giving more people more chances to find their lobsters. What do you think about this? Let us know in the comments.


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