21 Pakistani Rishta Nightmare Stories That Will Make You Rethink Marriage

By Sarmad Amer | 23 May, 2016

You may have heard a random rishta nightmare story here or there but nothing really too real. Well, these rishta nightmare stories by fellow Pakistanis will tell you how horrible the process of arranged marriage can be.

Here are these survivors sharing their rishta nightmare stories:


1. This future roti artist who probably hasn’t been through one experience yet


2. This person who has had a bad experience with multiple rishtay


3. This girl who wants her rishta guy to wear only what she wants

4. And this guy whose friend is a rishta auntie in training


5. This person can’t decide if a rishta ending is more painful for her or the weekend


6. This girl has some serious rishta questions


7. And this dude who wasn’t expecting a rishta


8. This desperate-for-a-rishta dude


9. And this girl who’s giving him a full on competition


10. This perfect twitter bahu


11. This serious rishta analyst

12. This guy who tried to Facebook stalk his potential rishta


13. And this girl has a message for all the rishta aunties


14. This person has their summer plans all set


15. And this one doesn’t like rishta discussions


16. Definitely not with their relatives


17. This experience when rishtay walay are coming


18. This person doesn’t think Facebook is a place for rishta seeking

Oh how wrong you are, lady. Wanna fraandshipz?


19. This one just can’t wait for her rishta


20. This discussion on why a guy’s job is necessary for a good rishta


21. And finally, this person who speaks from their heart


What are your rishta stories? Share with us and you might be featured over here.


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