This Empowering Story Of Nazo By Sarsabz Kahani Is A Must Watch

By MangoBaaz Studio | 23 Dec, 2019

The women all around the world are taking center stage, it’s like a trend now. Making waves, ‘controlling waves’ (pun intended) and making history. Whether be it the prime minister of New Zealand or be it a top model birthing a baby girl. This year women have broken stereotypes more than ever. Such is the story of a farmer Nazo, a tale based on true events.

Sarsabz Fertilizers, a specialty fertilizer brand from leading manufacturer Fatima Fertilizers, has launched its debut short film in its unique digital anthology called ‘Sarsabz Kahani’. Nazo is a thrilling tale of an empowered woman in one of the most male-dominated communities. With stories like Nazo, the brand aims to promote a culture of growth, progress, and innovation in the agriculture sector and wants to work towards a Sarsabz Pakistan.

Sarsabz Kahani projects agriculture-related stories in Pakistan and Nazo is exactly that.

Nazo revolves around a brave lady named Nazo who’s determined to fight for her zameen.  The male members of Nazo’s family have either been killed or have been sent to jail by ruthless adversaries. Nazo, along with her sisters, is ready to sacrifice everything in order to protect her zameen.

Source: Sarsabz/YouTube


In an attempt to illegally occupy the property of Nazo and her family, the dacoits opened fire at her home

You’ve heard countless stories of feudal dacoits and their henchmen trying to oppress the poor, hardworking people from the rural communities. Newspapers are full of incidents of heinous crimes. What we don’t hear about are the battles fought for the love of motherland.

Source: Sarsabz/YouTube


Nazo and her family remained steadfast in the standoff.

The battle between Nazo and the dacoits got intense but Nazo did not lose hope and continued to fight. We won’t reveal the outcome of this intense battle between good versus evil because you have to watch it for yourself and you can head over to Sarsabz YouTube channel here to see for yourself.

Source: Sarsabz/YouTube


What we can reveal is the surprise of our lives that we got when it was revealed that the iconic Nazo of Sarsabz Kahani is a real-life woman!

This is Nazo from Sindh and she indeed is a real-life heroine. Despite the challenges faced by the lady and her family, the lady remained committed to her cause and was persistent in her efforts to protect her zameen.

Source: Sarsabz/YouTube


Watch this super empowering story of Nazo, and don’t forget to stay tuned for more such stories of Sarsabz Kahani right here:

So, what are your thoughts about Nazo and her story? Let us know in the comments below.


Cover image via Sarsabz/YouTube

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