This Couple Shared A Cigarette On Their Wedding Day &, As Expected, Internet Ke Thaykedaaron Ko Aag Lag Gayi

By Noor | 20 Nov, 2020

This cigarette being shared on their wedding has lit some people up in smokes

Weddings are a chance for people to flex their money, creativity and all the craving for a good party. Particularly in the entertainment starved Pakistan, weddings serve for many people as a chance to go all out with their crazy fantasies.


There’s been a bride who literally entered her wedding while sitting inside a cake


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And then was this couple whose wedding cake was HUGE


Basically, couples find extremely interesting ways to make their wedding day memorable

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Well, this couple did just that when they were captured sharing a cigarette on their wedding day and their wedding photographer called it a “beautiful understanding”

The video shows a bride and groom sharing a cigarette while what looks like a break from their wedding photo shoot.

The video is labeled, ” you can’t count it as a bad habit but the beautiful understanding of two bodies/one souls. It is basically being implied that this act reflects the deep bond shared by the couple and the smoking involved should not be considered as something bad.


Well, people had some interesting reactions to this couple sharing a cigarette on their wedding day

Source: @weddingarchitectsofficial/Facebook

Some said that their faith in marriage has been restored

Whatever that means 🤷‍♀️ 🤷‍♂️

Source: @weddingarchitectsofficial/Facebook


People found it adorable and envied the couple’s level of ‘understanding’

Source: @weddingarchitectsofficial/Facebook
Source: @weddingarchitectsofficial/Facebook
Source: @weddingarchitectsofficial/Facebook


They stated that this is what happens when two best friends get married to each other

Source: @weddingarchitectsofficial/Facebook


Some couples were so inspired by this act of sharing a cigarette on their wedding day that they even planned to recreate this at their own weddings

Source: @weddingarchitectsofficial/Facebook
Source: @weddingarchitectsofficial/Facebook


Of course, there was the lot that was offended at this and may have gotten a little too far in dragging the couple

Source: @weddingarchitectsofficial/Facebook
Source: @weddingarchitectsofficial/Instagram

Of course it was their big day and it was purely their place to decide whatever they wanted to do but we can all gossip (as long as we don’t send death threats to anyone, okay?).

So what do you think about the couple’s very interesting moment being captured and shared with the world by their photographer? Let us know in the comments below.


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