This Islamabadi Couple Did A “Village” Photo Shoot For Their Wedding And People Have Mixed Feelings About It

By Biya Haq | 14 Sep, 2018

With shaadi season coming up, it’s time to prep for crazy dance practices, insane shaadi setups and the best part? Shaadi photo shoots.  In the last couple of years, couples have gotten quite creative in creating precious memories through intricate and elaborate photo shoots.


Whether it’s involving nature,


Or in the water…

It’s all pretty entertaining to see (Instagram stalk).


Recently, one couple decided to do a ‘Village’ themed photo shoot, and people are not entirely sure what to think of it.

Source: Maha Javid/Instagram: merscenery


According to an interview, the couple, Khansa Maqbool and Umair Ajmal, ventured to the bride’s village where they took those the pictures.

Khansa said, ‘When Umair and his family reached our house, we decided to make do with the situation we were in and just enjoy it. I called up my friend Maha Javid who is also a photographer. She got a flight from Dubai to Islamabad the night before my nikkah and then went with me to Bhera’.

Unfortunately, once these images were posted, not everyone thought they were quite as touching as the couple.


Even though this couple probably just shared their fun event with the world through their photo shoot, thanks to social media, here we are.

Source: Maha Javid/Instagram: merscenery


After the pictures were posted, it seems other people thought it was slightly offensive.

Source: TribuneEdit Via Instagram


Source: TribuneEdit Via Instagram


Source: TribuneEdit Via Instagram


At which point the groom even stepped up and defended himself.

Source: TribuneEdit Via Instagram


However many thought the images were creative, fun and beautiful with the whole theme as well.

Source: TribuneEdit Via Instagram


Source: TribuneEdit Via Instagram


Source: TribuneEdit Via Instagram

What do you guys think about the photo shoot? Let us know what you think in the comments below! Love you.


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Cover photo source: Maha Javid/Instagram: merscenery

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