This Couple In Lahore Took Their Wedding To A Whole New Level With This 8 Feet Tall Cake

By Janita Tahir | 20 Nov, 2019

This couple in Lahore had the cake of our dreams

Every wedding season, there are some very interesting custom cakes that take the internet by a storm. After all, marriage is the big day that ideally comes only once and so we can’t blame these brides and grooms for letting their imagination run wild and go all out.


Remember this bride from Lahore who entered her shaadi in her wedding cake?

As in she literally took a ride in her wedding cake and entered the hall in a whole new style.


There was also this cake that looked like a bride itself

We don’t know how people brought themselves to actually eat such a gorgeous looking cake but we hope that it was delicious!

Wedding cake
Source: @Lostsoul_iQu / Twitter


Now this couple in Lahore had a cake that took their shaadi to the next level of being extra

The 8 feet tall wedding cake is all everybody’s talking about. Yes, you heard it right!

The cake made by a bakery named “Buttercream Bake Studio” is a whole 8ft tall, beautifully designed in a flowers and golden swirl and ribbon pattern. Just looking at all that cake is enough to make your mouth water.

Our 8ft tall wedding cake going viral!! #jamaldifizza #weddingcake #irfanahson #tallcakes #huge #walimah #weddingday

Gepostet von Buttercream Bake Studio am Montag, 18. November 2019


We spoke to the baker of what’s quite possibly the tallest wedding cake in Pakistan

This cake was made by Fakhama Maqsood who has been a professional baker for 10 years. Fakhama told us that she started taking orders about five years ago. The orders details are discussed over WhatsApp and then finalized before proceeding forward, told Fakhama.


According to Fakhama, the baker, this gigantic cake took her just two days to make

The cake came in as an urgent order for Buttercream Bake Studio, Fakhama said. The walima was on a Monday and the order arrived on a Saturday. With only two days in between, Fakhama had very less time and a gigantic cake to complete.

She said her biggest concern was to get the dimensions of the cake just right. She mentioned that it weighed 70 lbs or about 31.75 Kg and each cake tier was about 10 to 12 inches long. With dedication and hard work she managed to deliver the perfect cake for the lucky bride on her big day.


The creator of the cake thinks “baking is a piece of art” and this couple in Lahore and their cake helped her express her art in a unique way

While speaking to MangoBaaz, Fakhama explained she thought of her passion as art because a lot of hard work and focus went into it and that she would encourage more people to take it seriously.

No wonder, the splendid 8 feet tall cake is a reflection of the effort put in by its maker. More often than not, the artists behind these creations go unnoticed so we are glad to see Fakhama get the attention she deserves.

Source: Fakhama Maqsood

So what do you think about the cake? Would you want something like this on your own wedding? Let us know in the comments.


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Cover image via: Fakhama Maqsood

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