I Took An Online Yoga Class And I So Did Not Expect It But It Has Actually Changed My Life

By Fatima Sikandar | 20 Nov, 2020

Online yoga really opened us up to the world of yoga

Ever since the start of the pandemic, we, at MangoBaaz, have been working remotely from our homes due to safety concerns (and to save others from us, if we’re infected, of course). While working remotely has its perks, and is exciting in the beginning because of no need for dressing up, you do miss the regular interaction with your colleagues and the office life. For some reason, it is generally observed that one also moves around more in the office, as opposed to working from home.


Working from home definitely has its perks but the downsides brought some physical discomfort for me and that’s how I discovered online yoga

Probably due to these reasons and because of sitting in odd posture throughout the day, I had developed stiffness in my body and felt very lethargic during certain times of the day.

One day, I decided to search online why this is happening and how I can fix that and that is when I came across yoga and its benefits. Surprisingly, that is also when I stumbled upon Yoga Lift’s instagram handle and decided to reach out to them and ask if they can assist with a virtual yoga session for the team.

Not long after dropping them a message, Raasti, the owner of Yoga Lift and a certified yogi, replied and willingly agreed to do a short session with the team, which was aimed at really helping with the issues that I had highlighted.


Raasti – our online yoga teacher –  is an internationally certified instructor, who has taught yoga across multiple styles and has been running her studio Yoga Lift since 2019

With the mission of providing clients an empowering space where they can grow self-confidence and joy through the practice of yoga. Her focus includes rigorous forms of yoga, aerial yoga, mindfulness sessions, breath awareness and meditation.


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We agreed to have a virtual session and I informed my entire team. We were all pretty excited and pumped to delve into this field (being a total novice myself).


I wasn’t expecting a lot from the session, considering that it would be carried out virtually, but I was so wrong

Raasti was a total pro at guiding us and really taking us through each posture, which was aimed at loosening the tension in our muscles, and realigning our focus.

Source: MangoBaaz

She kept an eye on how we were doing and addressed any concerns or questions we had about the poses. I was surprised at how just a few yoga poses really helped me feel more relaxed and energized at the same time! The session also made me aware of my posture and I will definitely practice the tips and tricks shared by the instructor in order to increase mindfulness and relax my body.


I have to admit, that the session was also quite entertaining for me as I would randomly take a peek at my colleagues’ poses and have an internal laughter fit

It was reassuring to see that I wasn’t the only one new at this!

Source: MangoBaaz

For anyone who has been facing similar concerns or just needs a quick pick-me-up during the day, I would strongly recommend giving yoga a try and if you are based in Karachi, you can even visit Yoga Lift’s studio or follow them on Instagram @yogaliftpk.

Oh btw, Yoga Lift is also the only studio in the city which offers Aerial Hammock Yoga, which sounds very interesting and challenging and they have some of the best yoga instructors in Karachi.


Look at the happiness of the MangoBaaz team’s face after a session of online yoga that surprisingly helped them all

Source: MangoBaaz

Give online yoga a try and reach out to Yoga Lift to get you started.



Cover image via: MangoBaaz / @yogaliftpk via Instagram

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