This Anchor Ridiculed The Media For Being A Teeli In The Pakistan Vs India Match And It's SO On Point

By Noor | 16 Jun, 2019

An anchor perfectly parodied how the media becomes a teeli when Pakistan vs India matches are on the horizon.

India and Pakistan are battling it out on the pitch for the ICC World Cup. The Indo-Pak bond is based upon a traditional rivalry which is fed by points of divergence. Even the passage of time has in no way mitigated the emotional character of the relationship and this particular character gets highlighted when the two nations confront each other in any field.

So, we all know that cricket fans on both sides of the border are super excited for the face off on the cricket field and several advertisements in this context have also popped up 

I hope you all know that a phone company, Jazz, used Abhinandan’s post-arrest video to describe the prospective strategy of the Indian cricket team for the match.


Even Ali Gul Pir released a rap with Indian Youtubers for the match.

Source: Ali Gul Pir Via YouTube

This all explains how cricket fans are extremely hyped up and are really eager to see their favorites fight on the cricket field to secure a comfortable win for their side. So, to describe the intensity of the cricket fever and to explain how the audiences in both the countries are actually going mad for it, a man came up with a parody of the media explaining how they are fanning the flames in this situation.

Source: @cricbuzz/Twitter

The video started off with the anchor explaining the level of jazba within cricket fans

He went on to say that this cricket match will turn ‘Manchester United’ into ‘Manchester divided’.

Source: @cricbuzz/Twitter

He revealed that the media is eagerly trying to proliferate the culture of hate by saying “kaheen mauqa tau kaheen chai, hum sab kar rahay hain nafrat phailanay kay liye try.’ Basically, he has sarcastically mentioned a few advertisements which include the mauqa mauqa ad made by India and the recent chai ad by Pakistan.

Source: @cricbuzz/Twitter

He literally asked people around if they were interested to get a little ‘hatred’ from him. He repeated, “Nafrat lain gay aap, nafrat?”

Source: @cricbuzz/Twitter

Kya Dhoni kay shair kar payien gay Sarfaraz kay qalandaron ko dhair?! LOL

He also came up with another rhyming statement:

Twitter aur Facebook par hon ge memes ki bochar

Ab ki baar bharat nahe manay ga haar

Source: @cricbuzz/Twitter

He also asked questions to a few people on the streets about the upcoming cricket match 

Source: @cricbuzz/Twitter

The anchor indirectly mentioned that the media channels are using the situation to acquire a high level of TRPs

Source: @cricbuzz/Twitter

The positive response of South Asian fans was highlighted by the video… 

Source: @cricbuzz/Twitter

…and it was also shown that they really want to enjoy the match as a sport…

Source: @cricbuzz/Twitter

…and not like a ‘war’

Source: @cricbuzz/Twitter

The video ended with a message stating that revelry is better than rivalry

Source: @cricbuzz/Twitter

A very important message has been delivered by the satirical-humor of the anchor in the video. It’s immensely important to enjoy cricket just the way it is – a simple cricket match. A sport is just meant to be a sport and it should not be used as a tool to spew hate across the other side of the border. The proliferation of hate and pro-war sentiments are detrimental to the peace of the entire region thus instead of spreading hate we all should enjoy the cricket match.

So, what do you think? Let us know in the comments below.


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