PM Imran Khan Gave The Pakistan Cricket Team Some Advice For The Match, But Was It Jinxed?

By Noor | 16 Jun, 2019

PM Imran Khan advised the Pakistan cricket team before the India vs Pakistan match, but is there a pattern that indicates his advice is bad luck?

So, we all know that the tensions are running high since the start of the India vs Pakistan cricket match. It seems like the anxiety and nervousness has engulfed Pakistani cricket fans. Our very own Prime Minister tried to boost morale and tweeted out some advice a few hours ago.

Imran Khan started off by stating that the success in the domain of cricket is dependant on the combination of mental strength and talent

He said that by the end of his cricketing career, he got to know that it’s 60 % of the mental strength and 40% of the talent that leads to a victory. Later, he said that in today’s game, mental strength has a more pivotal role to play.

Khan asserted that the power of the mind will be the real determinant of the victor in today’s match

He also appreciated Sarfaraz by saying that the Pakistani cricket team is blessed to have a bold captain like him and also said that he will have to give his best for today’s match.

He mentioned that the fear of loss affects the strategy and leads to crucial mistakes, thus all fears of losing should be eliminated from the mind

Khan also said the current captain must go in with the specialist players instead of the ‘railu kattas’ who won’t be able to handle the pressure

He also asked Sarfaraz to opt for batting unless the pitch is damp.

Imran Khan advised the players to give their best and fight till the last ball

He also mentioned that players should behave like true sportsmen and accept whatever the outcome of the match turns out to be. Moreover, he said that the prayers of the nation are with them and Khan concluded his tweet by wishing good luck to the Pakistani cricket team.

The former captain has given some valuable tips to the players. This advice is based upon his experience and we hope that it really helps the players in today’s match.


However, before a previous match against West Indies, Khan had also tweeted out some advice.

However, we lost that match by seven wickets…so…awks.

Source: Deedle Dee Productions

Given how the match is currently going – are Khan’s titbits of advice jinxed? Do we just end up losing each time he gives advice? Of course, there’s no REAL correlation or anything, but the coincidence is a bit eerie, no? I guess we’ll see if lose this match, which hopefully we won’t.

So, what do you think? Will Pakistan win this one? Let us know in the comments below.


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