This 10-Year-Old Instagrammer From Faisalabad Is Helping People Deal With Stress Creatively

By Manahil | 26 Mar, 2019

This tiny Instagrammer from Faisalabad is helping people in the best way possible.


Meet the 10-year old Instagrammer, Lil._.Shizz.

Amna Awais is a ten year old Instagrammer – YES. TEN. YEARS. OLD. She makes slime as a hobby and recently, it’s turned into a part-time job! The ten year old is extremely creative – it’s no ordinary slime. Her concoctions range from Mint Margarita lime to Bae slime and everything in between.


What is slime, you ask?

Ah, slime. The gooey, foamy, squishy substance that has stolen everyones heart on the internet. When you type slime into the search bar on Instagram, approximately 11.8 million posts come up. Yes – we’re all obsessed. Slime videos have seemed to capture our hearts and our minds. From the sound of the slime to the texture, viewers feel their tension slip away while watching the oddly satisfying videos.


How did it all start?

Just like any of us, she was mesmerized by the whole slime scene as well. She begged her parents for the appropriate supplies. She watched hours and hours of slime videos on youtube and made her own as well. Unlike us – she took it to a whole new level. She started selling her slime at school! And soon with the help of her family, who are all extremely supportive, she got an Instagram to help her branch towards a larger audience. Her Instagram channel is quite recent, she started in July 2018, and has accumulated over 3000 followers in such a short time.

source: Asstagzz.fying Photography


The whole family is helping her build her business

Her brother Mohammad Karim is a 23 years old university student at NUST. He’s in charge of buying the supplies, selling nationally, as well as the social platforms. Amna’s sister, Farheen, who’s only 17, photographs and records everything we see on the Instagram channel. Amna and her mom do the most important thing – make the foamy slime. And of course, who would be able to do anything without their dad’s blessing!


It’s not an easy job.

Karim tells MangoBaaz, “although it may seem like it, it’s not an asaan job”. The slime “takes about an hour to make” but they have to test it as well. Testing can take anywhere from 2 to 4 days. A business ran by a ten year old has quality control? She’s just that committed. She makes around 10 pieces a day straight after school. She tells me that she “loves playing with it, making bubble pop sounds” and she gets ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) – a tingly feeling in her scalp down her spine. Her favourite International slimer is glitter.slimes.


We asked her what her future business plans are, and she said she “wants to be a Vlogger” as well as take “[her] business internationally this coming summer” after watching hours of International Slimers, she feels she’s ready to as well.

Well, good luck to you Amna! We’re all rooting for you and your insanely relaxing slime.


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Cover image via: Farheen Awais Photography 

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