This Pakistani Artist Is Changing The Way You Watch Cartoons

By Ather Ahmed | 16 Oct, 2017

When you’re a kid you’re not just watching it for the story and the gags alone. In many ways, you see yourself in that animated universe. You tend to form bonds with your favorite characters and live a life that only you can didcate.

Through cartoons children are able to go in a world of their own, free from the societal constraints of adulthood. A lot of times artists tend to revisit their childhood in order to more freely express themselves.

This Pakistani aims to change the cartoons only show some kind of people so children from all backgrounds can become more involved

Anoosha is a children’s literature illustrator and a character designer. She says she never saw herself in cartoons as a kid and this what she has done to change that.

Source: @foxville_art / Twitter

For Pakistani kids especially, finding cartoon characters that share the same ethnicity is close to impossible. Anoosha’s art work is a testament to the fact that cartoon characters can be from this part of the world without seeming out of place.


“I gained an appreciation for animation when I was in my teens, rewatching all the old Disney classics and the like and I realized I wanted to work in animation.”

“I ended up going to school for illustration, and while I mostly do children’s books I get the chance to work for cartoons once in a while” Anoosha told MangoBaaz.


Many on social media expressed great admiration for Anoosha’s work


People supported her initiative for actively calling for more representation


Anoosha has plenty of other works of art in her arsenal as well

Anoosha was mainly inspired by cartoons from the late 90’s and early 2000’s including the likes of Power Puff Girls, Kim Possible and My Life As A Teenage Robot.

“I do a lot of work for children’s and teen literature, so I draw a lot of cute subjects like kids and animals. I also love fashion so I also play around with that when I’m drawing pretty girls”, she said.


She’s done some pretty fun renditions of famous characters. Here’s cute sketch of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy from Batman

Source: @foxville_art / Instagram


How about Spiderman getting smitten by a kitten?

Source: @foxville_art / Twitter


There’s some pretty neat artwork from Steven Universe too

Source: @foxville_art / Twitter


Annosha is also an avid fan of the Harry Potter franchise

Source: @foxville_art / Twitter


Emma Watson, who played the role of Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, loves Anoosha’s work


This is fantastic, Anoosha.

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