This is What People From Other Cities Think About Lahore

This is What People From Other Cities Think About Lahore

This is What People From Other Cities Think About Lahore

Lahore is the heart of Pakistan. The city of gardens, the shehr of the “zinda dilan-e-Pakistan”, the epitome of art and culture and a thriving commercial hub. Lahoris know this and can’t wait to rub it in the faces of other city dwellers because for them ” jinay lhaore nahi waikhaya o jamia hi nahi”.

but wait…..

These are not the only things Lahore is known for outside it’s geographical boundaries. So if you are a die-hard Lahore fan and easily take offence kindly do NOT proceed further because here are a few perceptions that non-Lahoris have about the dil of Pakistan.


Lahore has changed phenomenally over the past few years

Like literally. For people who have not visited Lahore in the past 6 to 7 years and come back now, the city is strikingly different to what they previously remember. The city has undergone a major transformation and many of the landmarks such as Kalma Chowk and Azadi chowk are there no more in their original forms. Whether it’s a good thing or bad we’ll leave it to you to decide but Lahore is well on it’s way to looking more like Paris than Lahore, now.

Source: City History



Every developmental project seems to be taking place in Lahore

Be it the Metro Bus service or the Orange Line train, construction of new flyovers or digging of underpasses, it seems like every kind of developmental project known to mankind seems to be taking place in Lahore and this at times does not sit well with people from other cities, who still yearn for infrastructural changes.

Source: encyclopk


But the roads are still prone to traffic jams, like really huge ones

Despite, or perhaps because of, all this structural transformation taking place, when you are visiting Lahore the first thing you notice is the huge amount of cars, motorcycles, rickshaws and every other type of vehicle known to man, lurking about the city. The congestion is real, and too much to bear.

Source: Dawn


Lahoris love their food, perhaps a bit too much 

So, it’s a well known fact that Pakistanis generally love good food but in Lahore it’s to the level of obsession. Nihari, karahi, bong paye, murgh musallam, naan chanay, magahaz and what not. Its like Lahoris have fully and openly accepted the deadly sin of gluttony and it kind of true, no other city can do food like Lahore because lahore wala mazaa nahi.

Source: The News


Lahori accent is *cough*… distinct, and the people are too loud

This stereotype is as old as the city itself. Many people find the Punjabi laden Urdu accent of Lahoris a little… unqiue(shall we call it that?) and it is instantaneously recognized all over Pakistan. Add to that the loud pitch of voices that all Lahoris seem to possess. It’s good to be happy, but Lahoris overkill it with their boisterous-ness.

Source: tumblr


 Lahoris are fashion forward…… NOT

No matter how many fashion shows or fashion weeks Lahore may hold, it could never ever take the title “Fashion capital of Pakistan” (take a bow Karachi :)) ). The fashion sense of Lahoris is perceived as being too gaudy and over the top.Need evidence??? Gate crash a Lahori wedding and you’ll surely be bedazzled.

Source: tumblr


Lahore is the city of gardens without the “gardens”

Talk about false advertising! Lahore is starting to face a dearth of greenery and healthy vegetation, not as bad as Karachi but it’s fast going that route what with it’s race to achieve the look of a concrete jungle. When people from other cities visit Lahore, its the dust and pollution that welcomes them, not the lush green gardens they were hoodwinked into believing.

Source: thenews


Lahoris tend to be snobby about their city’s historical value

Badshahi mosque, Old Lahore, Minar-e-Pakistan, Allama Iqbal’s tomb, Wagah border, Lahore Fort. Everyone in Pakistan knows these historical monuments are present in Lahore and they do have an importance but that does not mean bragging about them EVERY SINGLE TIME and carting Non-Lahories to visit them as soon as they set foot in the city.

Source: tumblr


Despite being a tad bit too loud, Lahoris are a bunch of really nice people and Lahore is a really great city with its own unique traits, just like every other city in Pakistan and that is the beauty of our country, so on this cheerful note: Pakistan Zindabad.

*too much patriotic feels* :p

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