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Here’s How Your Body Changes If You Stop Eating Sugar

Here’s How Your Body Changes If You Stop Eating Sugar

Here’s How Your Body Changes If You Stop Eating Sugar

Nothing works on your body like a massive lifestyle change, like if you say no to sugar. 42 day challenge kerlo ya military diet, at the end of the day you’re still going to be a lazy ass potato, unless in place of eating one whole gulab jamun, you cut it down to half. Split that glorious molten lava with one of your friends? Joey doesn’t share but you sure can.

Cutting back on your sugar intake can really give your body a healthy little boost. To give you a little wake up call, we’ve prepped a starter-pack of all the things that happen to your body when you say no to meetha:


1. Your skin starts glowing like the chaudwi ka chaand it is meant to be

Source: Deenga

Sugar is inflammatory which means it is single-handedly responsible for every person’s living nightmare: Zits, acne, pimples – you name it. Once you give up the nasty, your skin automatically rejuvenates and you start glowing in broad daylight, not like Edward Cullen, though.


2. Insomnia won’t bother you no more

Source: Deenga

Owing to higher blood sugar, many of us find ourselves counting the millionth sheep and still being unable to sleep. By cutting down on sugar and carb intake during the latter part of the day, you can kick insomnia in the butt.


3. You’ll wake up feeling like a million dollars

Source: Deenga

Cutting out the sugar in your diet make you feel healthier and happier, it’s true. Sugar hampers with hormones responsible for functions in the brain so much that it inadvertently causes decreased mental activity and depression. Trust us, sugar just isn’t your best-friend. Period.


4. You’ll suddenly remember what you had for breakfast last Tuesday

Source: Deenga

Do you find yourself unable to remember important information like where the hell are your keys or that juicy piece of gossip you had to share with your boyfriend but it has suddenly escaped you? Saying no to sugar more often than not ought to clear your head space. Chemicals in sugar affect learning and memory. Be your own hero!


5. You won’t plan your day around a random sugar rush at work

Source: Deenga

Word has it, brushing off sugar addiction is just as hard as cocaine so it’s only natural to want to crave a free cookie past 3 pm or a pick-me-up before bedtime. Meetha temporarily elates your mood and makes you feel good about yourself but once you break the cycle, the cravings automatically start to diminish.


6. Aap ka dil khush tou aap khush rahein gae

Source: makeagif

Overdose of sugar calls for release of high levels of insulin in the body that in turn results in a rise in blood pressure and heart rate. While every once in a while, this can be taken well by the body, too much too often can weaken your heart. Being mindful about this would naturally make your heart do a happy dance.


7. You’ll age better

Source: Giphy

Collagen is responsible for replenishing your old skin with new but sugar triggers an inflammatory process that ends up making your skin look dull, lifeless, dry and aged. Instead of investing on plastic surgery, heavy concealers, make-up and skincare regimen products, keep your skin supple by adopting a healthier sugar-free lifestyle instead. It’s much sweeter on the pocket, too.


8. Diabetes can’t touch this

Source: Tumblr

Added sugar adds to fatty deposits on your liver, undermines insulin functionality and stops your pancreas from being efficient. Long story short, glucose causes diabetes type II also known to you as sugar, so next chance you get, ditch that fizzy soda for some saada paani.


9. Your weight won’t give you sleepless nights.

Source: Deenga

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a high glucose diet is the prime cause of weight woes and obesity. Holding back the need to munch on a biscuit or two a day can drastically trim your waistline. That’s a very healthy deal, after all.


Magar…agar chaaye mein cheeni kum lagay and you just have to get something extra, you can always count on these healthy alternatives.


So go on, take the plunge. 

Source: Tumblr



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