Mean Things Every Pakistani Sibling Says to Each Other Growing Up

Mean Things Every Pakistani Sibling Says to Each Other Growing Up

Siblings have a great relationship! You fight with them for everything: school supplies, your parents’ attention and especially that last bar of Kit Kat that your mom bought for you to share. At times, though, some of the things you say to each other are rather intense. Harsh or just plain funny, regardless of whether your reaction is positive or negative you just can’t help the fact that those things are always memorable.

Here are just some of the gems that Pakistani siblings say to each other:

“You were adopted.”

*Gasps inside* “Really? Who are these people I am staying with then? Am I kidnapped?”

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“Mama loves me more than you.”

“That can’t be true. Mothers aren’t supposed to make that distinctions, right. Right?”

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“Ooo! Kaun thee woh larkee? Is she your GIRRRRRL Friend?”

“Some things are better left unsaid. She COULD be my future wife, you know. But I’m not saying anything to you.”

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“Yeh meree seat hai, mein har waqt idher hee bhet ta/tee hoon”

“I don’t see your name on it. Where are your initials?”
*Takes out permanent marker* “There!”

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“Get me water”

The plight of all younger siblings. But you still do it so you don’t have to face their “wrath” some other time.

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“Go ask Abbu if we can get ice cream”

You have to accept the fact that it gets annoying when your siblings constantly try to delegate their tasks to you.

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But it’s ice cream. And Abbu’s always easier to get a “yes” out of than Ammi.


“Give me that remote!”

Maybe you’re watching your favorite television show. Maybe you’re watching a football match. Or maybe you’re one of those few people that enjoy watching documentaries. All of a sudden your sibling comes in. Maybe he/she doesn’t like your favorite show. Maybe he/she prefers cricket. Or maybe he/she finds documentaries utterly boring. Next thing you know, you’re fighting each other for control of the TV remote.

“Bring it on! I’m not going down without a fight.”

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“I’ll buy you whatever you want if you don’t tell ammi that I hit you”

“Haha, so the ball is now in my court. I have the bargaining power… maybe I could ask for a lifetime supply of chewing gum”

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“I have better grades than you!”

Typical older sibling line.

“I have better friends, better education, better life and, frankly, everything else better than you. So you better do as I say”

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“Your clothes look better on me”

Ay yes. When there isn’t a large age different between you and your siblings, you always try on each other’s clothes – either unintentionally or intentionally. And being the territorial people you were, the sight of your sibling wearing your clothes made your blood boil…to the point where you wanted to rip the clothes they were wearing (even though they were yours to begin with).

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“Look, how much taller I am than you”

The line every younger sibling absolutely hates the most. Basically, your elder sibling will order you around, do as he/she please and get the first of everything. Why? Because mein tum se bhara/bharee hoon.

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Whatever you siblings say to you, no matter how much you fight, you still know in the deepest depths of your heart that they are the only ones after your parents who will ALWAYS be there for you so you love them.

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