Things You Can Expect To See Only On Chand Raat

Things You Can Expect To See Only On Chand Raat

Things You Can Expect To See Only On Chand Raat

You’ve spent a good month of being an acha musalman and then along comes Chand Raat. Chand Raat signifies the end of Ramazan and for many, also the end of piety. Here are a few things you can probably expect on Chand Raat.


Desi girls getting their bling on.

From head to toe, from the pins in the hair to the nail polish on the toes, desi girls are just like shining stars on this night. Even though the previous statement came out quite beautiful, it is not necessarily a good sight every time.

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Pindi boys aka Poondi boys.

There is a huge influx of everyone’s favorite “Pindi boys.” Known to originate from Rawalpindi, they come in gigantic groups via motorcycles, vans, buses and lately the metro bus to pay their complements to the gals.

On Chand Raat, their visits are special as they crank up the desi music in their cars and cruise the streets as romantic vigilantes looking for love at first sight. They are blinded by the bling and experience a night they won’t forget until the next weekend.

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The ‘Khuaar’ uncles.

These are the husbands and fathers who are responsible for taking out the women of their families on this auspicious event to the local market for mehndi and choorian. You will spot their worn out faces amongst huge crowds of women with their arms folded behind their backs and staring blankly into thin air. They have no way out because their wives could randomly fish for a complement, an expectation they cannot fall short of.

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Them gals turning their diva on.

After going through a religious makeover for the month of Ramadan, Chand Raat is the night when every salon and parlor will have no open spots. It’s time to get the facials, have the eye brows threaded, get the manicures and pedicures and get those nails painted. Eid is the time you wanna put your best foot forward and do justice to the dress you worked on for the past month.

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The unpleasant sight of stuffed mouths.

Then there are those who have suffered the terrible plight of hunger and thirst long enough and the sight of food they can eat at free will is enough to let the savage out of them.

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Tharki choori wala

You just cannot miss the gleam in the eye of the stall vendors with hundreds of shiny bangles they can’t wait to put on the delicate hands of their customers. They will not even offer to help but just grab your hand and caressingly put bangles on them.

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The return of all that is “haram.”

The arrival of Chand Raat brings with it the return of shaitaan which becomes pretty evident in the first few hours of this festive night. Music blares once again in the streets, biker boys roam the streets, profanity establishes itself as the norm once again and all that is “haram” stands victorious once again.



Regardless of all this, Chand Raat is still a fun way mark the end of Ramazan and prepare for Eid. Oh and a happy (early) Eid Mubarak.

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