These Extra AF Pakistani News Anchors Wearing Military Uniform Are Being Called Out By The Angry Awaam

By Noor | 1 Mar, 2019

Pakistani news anchors have been generally much more civilized in their discourse than their Indian counterparts but they can sure be extra AF.


The role of media in the situation of escalating tensions between India and Pakistan has become the center of attention

While it is mostly the Indian media’s pathetic reportage that’s being criticized, People in Pakistan are also genuinely concerned about the techniques and methodology being used by the news anchors.

Most of the people rightly charted out the responsible role of a news organization by stating that it’s supposed to highlight the bare facts and should allow the audience to formulate its own perspectives instead of amalgamating the facts with opinions.

So, basically, a Pakistani news channel featured the newscasters wearing military uniforms to report about the recent military activities between India and Pakistan

Here’s an image of them:


People strongly disapproved the idea of news people trying to cash in on “entertaining” the audience and were disgusted by this entire thing


A few even pointed out that it was illegal and they can be charged with impersonation of  military personnel


They even said that news should not be diluted with entertainment


A few even joked that these anchors should be sent to the borders if they’re so eager to act like military personnel


People highlighted that this was a clear mockery of the uniform

The act seriously offends the soldier who ‘earns’ it and it also undermines the pride and respect associated with the uniform.


These theatrics are not limited to Pakistani anchors alone, it done by a news anchor in India, who wore the military uniform and flaunted a toy gun while reporting 

 Unfortunately wearing a military uniform while reporting the incidents related to the army has become quite a norm. This act needs to be discouraged and people should actually learn to value the sentiments associated with the military uniform.

And Pakistani news anchors have done this while reporting about other events in the past

Like these anchors who wore the Army Public School uniform while reporting at the anniversary of the APS attack in Peshawar that had killed 149 people, including 132 school students.


What do you think about this? Share your views in the comments below.


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