Dear PEMRA, Ban This Pakistani News Anchor Manipulating A Child Over Her Dead Father Instead Of Dramas About “Feminism”

By Biya Haq | 25 Jan, 2019


The Sahiwal incident has left our country in shambles.

The lives of 4 innocent individuals were ended by the Sahiwal Police last week in an alleged Police encounter.

The Police believed the four individuals to be terrorists part of the group involved in the kidnapping of Yousuf Raza Gilani’s son.  Later, it was revealed that this was not the case and instead, four people, including two women, were killed by the Sahiwal police. And though explanations were made, again and again, the whole situation was one of the most horrific displays of violence our country could have brought into a so-called, ‘Naya Pakistan.’

And what’s worse? Our media.

This Pakistani news anchor asked the daughter of one of the victims about her dead father on live TV.

And it was absolutely disgusting.

ARY News anchor, Arif Hameed asked her details about the last time she met her father, he even had the audacity and lack of common decency to further prod her on in hopes of finding an emotional reaction or by the looks of it, tears. This kind of behaviour is unwarranted, unnecessary and absolutely disgusting.

People have had plenty to say on the subject especially in regards to PEMRA, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority.

As well as calling them out for their priorities.

How is it that PEMRA finds the time to ensure the banning of shows to the extent that they rally against shows for their ‘feminist,’ content but not content that is actually problematic?


As well as constant efforts to end all Aamir Liaquat shows because of unethical means to gain high TV ratings.

Source: MangoBaaz

Though Aamir’s case was a good example of regulation, why is it that a case involving a minor is not being picked up as yet? It is not given the priority it needs.

Not only was this news anchor crossing lines in regards to proper interviewing methods, most of all – he was interviewing a minor and taking advantage of his emotional state. Clearly, the girl was shy, upset and in complete disbelief. There was no way a child that young could be prepared for anything as heavy as an interview right after losing his father in an extremely horrific manner.

There is no other word to describe this kind of journalism other than as absolutely disgusting and something must be done as soon as possible to bring peace to the families of the deceased.

Have you seen the interview? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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Cover photo source: ARY News

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