PEMRA Just Banned “Promoting” Valentine's Day In Pakistan And People Are Seriously Heartbroken

By Alveena Jadoon | 8 Feb, 2018

February is the month in which everyone around us becomes very vigilant. All thanks to Valentine’s Day. It’s not just limited to our friends and family wanting to know what we’re up to but even the authorities now want to know what’s up. Talk about everyone wanting to get up in your business.


PEMRA has banned all TV channels and print media from “promoting” any content related to Valentine’s Day


This directive was given by the Islamabad High Court (IHC). Authorities in other cities will also be on alert to stop any such celebrations

Source: Broadway Video


Here’s how Pakistanis are reacting to the news:

Some are appreciating the effort


while, others have more than a few questions


But hate speech is alright?


What media code of ethics would they be violating, again?


Interviewing extremists is okay but expression of love isn’t? Right


Thank you for recognizing the most pressing problem of Pakistan these days


But is it really the most pressing issue of the country at the moment that it is being taken up by the IHC and PEMRA?

Should the government machinery actually be used against the promotion of Valentine’s Day and to ban its celebration?

To answer this question we are not going to go back further in history. We’ll just pick an incident from the last year. In February 2017, while everyone was busy making sure that no one dares to celebrate the day and personal lives were invaded; the city of Lahore witnessed a suicide bombing. The was the epitome of misplaced priorities which gives more attention to the display of affection rather than those extremists eating away the country.

Let us know which narrative you agree with in the comments below. We await your comments.


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