13 ‘Cheap’ Things Couples Do That Are Annoying AF If You’re Forever Alone

13 ‘Cheap’ Things Couples Do That Are Annoying AF If You’re Forever Alone

All the things couples do… ugggh! Yes some people are happy being alone, they are absolutely in love with their single lives but hello, there are people who want to find a life partner but they happen to have zero luck in that department. The moment they get into close proximity with the opposite gender, a piano falls in between, volcanoes erupt and the universe giggles and  conspires to make sure they DON’T find anyone and die alone.

You watch other couples when they are engaged in disgustingly cute behaviors and you hate hate hate them. Here are a few things couples do that just make someone who’s forever alone feel sick in the stomach:


1. Holding hands right in the faces of single folks

What the hell guys? Why? It doesn’t even make sense. What purpose does this even serve? Are you afraid the other person will get lost or run away?


2. Feed each other in public

Source: cosmouk.net

They have their own hands and they know where their mouth is, don’t make your bae, your baby.


3. Doing the baby talk while talking to each other 

Seriously? Apne thaana kha lia? NAHI MENE ZEHER KHA LIA HAI. 

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4. Whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears

What is this conspiracy? What yahoodi plans are being made that can’t be heard by the rest of the world? Is the complete wipe out of single people being planned, or what?

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5. Staring into each other’s eyes when you’re sitting with company

Is it a staring contest? Get a life guys. Also, get a room.

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6. Keep giggling and laughing for no apparent reason

Yeah, yeah life’s just so great with a life partner ha-ha-ha.

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7. Posting pictures with each other on social media 

UNLIKE. UNFRIEND. EXITS PLANET. Kuch kheyaal hi karliaa karain ghareebon ka.

Source: cosmouk.net


8. Fangirl over each other on Snapchat



9. Fake wrestle with each other

Everyone can see it’s not real wrestling…so seriously, staaph.

Source: dailymail.co.uk


10. Proposing to each other in public places

Just do it in the privacy of your own home. Foreveralones ki nazar lag jaye gi phir na kehna.


11. Getting engaged


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12. And then having the audacity to get married

Mubarak ho…not

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13. And giving birth to adorable babies


Source: extretv.com

But challo koi nahi, there is someone for us, too.


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