Model Rabia Butt Can't Stop Trolling Her Trolls, And You Just Have To See It

By Arslan Athar | 1 Mar, 2019

Rabia Butt is one of Pakistan’s most recognized faces. Her status as a supermodel in our industry is undisputed, however, on social media, Rabia has to face a lot of trolling and hate.

It’s not like she stays quite- she responds, that too savagely. 

Like when she clapped back at this guy who left his number under one of her photos.


Rabia is bold and unafraid to get her point across.


She tackles every type of issue when responding to trolls.


Sometimes she just shares her innermost thoughts 😛


People on Twitter make fun of her too. 


Despite all this, she L O V E S her fans.


A few days ago; it seemed like the model had had enough of all the hate and negativity. 


Her fans and followers did not approve of her leaving. 


They used some convincing GIFs to get her to stay.


Her leaving was clearly not the solution. 


After hearing back from all her beloved fans, Rabia came back to Twitter not too long later and left a heartfelt thread for everyone to read.


She also addressed temper, but also made it clear that she wasn’t changing herself.


People welcome her back with OPEN ARMS.


And also shared some dusty gems of wisdom.



Some shared why they love her online presence so much.


While others apologized for if they ever hurt her through their tweets.


This shows how social media and trolling can affect a person’s mental health and strength. It is very easy to sit behind a computer screen and say mean things to someone, but one needs to realize that those words and their effects aren’t secluded to the internet- they can actually stick with a person and make them feel all sorts of things. We often think that we can say all sorts of nonsense to celebrity accounts and they’ll feel nothing, but they are people too and they too are affected by all of this.

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Cover Photo Courtesy: @iamrabiabutt / Instagram

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